The Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in the Global Village offers a collection of rare pieces of more than 200 pieces. Visitors can learn about the world's oddities in a unique entertainment experience that is added to the collection of entertainment and cultural events and events that the Global Village offers in season 24. It offers This museum is an ideal experience for all age groups, especially students, as they can learn about unique human experiences and distinct creatures, along with rare collections, including those belonging to other planets, as well as revealing the kandora that Hazza Al Mansouri wore in space within the exhibition holdings.

Rare pieces

The entertainment museum showcases many rare and strange pieces, including the only world version of the Ferrari that can be floated in the water as well, in addition to the smallest car manufactured and assembled in the world, and dismantling the giant shark Megalodon, and an iron meteor dating back thousands of years, And other rare and exceptional artifacts.

The most strange people

The museum is divided into six galleries, the first hall bearing the name "Robert Ripley and the cultures of the world", and displays a variety of personal artifacts that Robert Ripley, founder of "Ripley's Believe It or Not", purchased from all over the world. After that, the guests go on to find replica figures about the most strange people in the world that include the tallest man, the largest man, the woman with the longest neck in the world, the non-combustible man, and other characters whose stories are hard to believe. Besides strange animals, which were born with additional legs or two heads.

Handcrafts and space

The visitors' journey continues in the museum in the third hall, which displays a group of handicrafts collected using recycled materials that included wedding dresses made of toilet paper. Then, the guests move to the fourth hall, which displays unfamiliar collections that Robert Ripley collected during his visits to the Middle East, to move to a hall for games and unique interactive and educational activities, and then move to a hall to enjoy a package of the most exotic interactive games and focus tests. The last hall displays a group of space holdings collected by the mark over more than a hundred years to include comets and meteorites that landed on the surface of the earth from outer space and a stone brought from the surface of the moon and another from Mars, in addition to the latest additions represented by the properties of Hazza Al-Mansoori from his journey to space, All providing an innovative entertainment and learning experience for guests of all ages.

Cultural entertainment

The Executive Director of the Global Village, Badr Anouhe, told «Emirates Today»: “A decision was made to add the Museum of Ripeli's Believe it or Not.” After an in-depth study that dealt with the quality of the guests and their desires, therefore the field of cultural entertainment was entered so that the museum aims to provide a cultural educational experience for all ages. "People want something strange and rare." He pointed out that, by virtue of the presence of a period of 25 years in the field of entertainment, and the presence of visitors exceeding 7.5 million guests annually, it was determined what is useful for providing visitors in the field of entertainment, and what is appropriate in religious and cultural aspects. Anouhi pointed out that the negotiation of providing the experiment began a year ago, and the agreement was signed, but the miraculous work was in building the museum within six months, especially since the construction is permanent and differs from all the buildings of the village, explaining that the agreement lasts for three years, and it is possible to provide the experience in Other places in Dubai in the event of great success, especially as it is possible to change the exhibits in the coming years. He noted that the people’s appetite for the museum will be tested, and in the event that the turnout is too much, it is possible to present the exhibits in other places as well, indicating that the museum includes 200 pieces, among them the kandora of Hazaa Al-Mansouri, which he wore in space, along with the Emirati food that carried him to a station International space. He pointed out that the museum set a schedule to receive school students during the morning period, praising the great turnout at the museum and that visitors to the village have become more popular with recreational and educational experiences.

Dubai is a regional platform

"Dubai is an exceptional regional platform that provides entertainment from a global level, and we are delighted to expand the Ripley's brand to the UAE, making it the first destination to witness our unique offerings in the MENA region," said Jim Pattison Junior, president of Ripley Entertainment Group. And he expressed his enthusiasm to provide this destination in the global village amid all these recreational experiences that the village carries, explaining that the museum owns more than 3000 pieces and they are displayed in 11 countries after the museum entered the Emirates. On the criteria adopted for selecting exhibits for each country, he noted that they care about religion and culture, in addition to the educational aspect, noting that all the pieces carry real and difficult to believe stories. He stressed that the museum attracts all age groups, and different cultures, and for this is a distinct leisure destination for all people.

Distinguished experiences

The museum's opening ceremony hosted a number of people with unique experiences in the entertainment world, among them "short e dangerously", who is known by this name by performing rock and roller shows, as well as walking on the glass with his hands, as he was born without the lower body. We talked to him and said about his visit to Dubai: «I came to the opening and to Dubai as a guest, and I will not have shows in Dubai, I only play billiards here, but I have actually been working with Ribblez for years, and I offer rock and roll shows, and I travel around the world to present my shows». He noted that he is considered the ambassador of the museum, as he visits all branches of the museum around the world, and will return to visit Dubai in March, pointing out that his schedule of shows is crowded and touring different cities, as he performs six shows during one week with the support of his team of five people, knowing that he is the only one of those with determination . The 42-year-old American pointed out that he does not look at himself differently, as he does not face any problem in presenting himself as it is, explaining that he does not consider that he carries any kind of privacy, which may be different in his form and thinking, and the nature of his life and what he does to Live. And he confirmed that he started presenting his shows seven years ago. Previously, he used to work as a "DJ", walking on the glass with his hands while he was also carrying fire, explaining that he challenges himself every day to be better.


A rare piece of the world housed in the museum.

- Unique human experiences, distinct creatures, and rare collectibles.