I had a conflicting feeling while I was following the final match between the Bahraini team and the Saudi national team, with every attack by the two teams I wished that one of them did not score, I would have liked the original time of the match to end in a draw and continue that in the extra time, and when the penalty shootout is judged that neither of them can score, I wished If the two teams could share the championship cup between them, why not and both of them deserve to win the championship cup, but in the end, one of them must win the championship title.

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The two teams to share

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Between them, why not and both

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The Championship ».

It was a great joy when the Bahraini team won the championship title for the first time in its history after waiting for 49 years. It was a deserved victory as a result of work, diligence and enthusiasm on the field. As a result, it deserved congratulations from everyone, no exception.

After the match, he attracted me a lot and made me happy in a way that I could not express those expressions and congratulations issued by the Saudi brothers towards the Bahraini people. I attended the sporting spirit strongly in a rare scene that embodies that good relationship between the two countries. Officials and dignitaries praise and praise Bahrain for winning the championship trophy, why not, and during these years we have seen nothing but the best of the people of Bahrain.

When you visit the Kingdom of Bahrain, you cannot ignore the goodness of this people, the gentleness of its morals, its good dealings with its guest, and the way in which it specifically receives its Gulf brother, wandering through the alleys, dialogues and ancient markets so that you feel that you belong to this country, do not feel that you are alien to them, insinuating a car Gulf citizen do not hesitate to welcome him and offer help without any charge.

I had the honor to spend nearly a year studying in the Kingdom of Bahrain. I met many people. They were yes, friends and better than I met them in my life. They were the best wonderful example that this old song expresses, we are one bay, our people are one, and in return I could not help but thank them thanks The great and wonderful things that I encountered during my time there, and instilled in me memories that cannot be erased even after decades.

We congratulate the King of Bahrain and his people for this precious tournament, and we hope that it will be a good opening and introduction to more tournaments in various regional and international competitions, and that it perpetuates the blessing of security and safety for the brotherly Bahraini people.


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