The inaugural session of ON.DXB, the regional forum for the development of new content and media, organized by Dubai Media City in cooperation with the Dubai TV and Film Production Committee, continued to highlight many topics, most notably empowering women in the media scene, in addition to «the power of design Bilingual »with eyes and a women's vision as well.

The session on the role of women in changing the media scene witnessed the participation of influential people in the sector, including the director of public channels in the radio and television sector, and the director of Dubai TV, Sarah Al Jurman; and Safaa Sorour and Asala Maleh, influential on social media sites; Which won many awards. The session discussed the importance and role of women in the media and cinema sector at the global level, and the pressures and expectations facing women in the fields of artistic and media work in general.

A panel discussion at the ON.DXB Festival highlighted the importance of benefiting from the local cultural heritage and the many aesthetic elements of the Arab region to create distinctive content and designs that simulate local identity and contribute to the consolidation and strengthening of links between consumers, institutions and brands in the region. In addition to its importance in attracting wider audiences around the world.

Egyptian designer Ghada Wali, founder and director of creativity at Wali Studio in Egypt, gave a presentation titled “The Power of Bilingual Design: A Locally Related Global Work”, telling her that “design can change the world”.

"Sight is the first point of contact between people and the outside world," said the Egyptian designer. "Graphic design intersects many factors. It is a means of communicating the message and the feeling associated with visions and goals, which contribute mainly to shaping consumer perceptions." "It is important to produce designs that encourage international brands to celebrate local culture." The changing scene in the music industry has been a part of the festival, with a session titled 'Business Beyond Music', with the participation of Spotify's Middle East Managing Director, Claudius Poller; and Mike Fairborn, Managing Director of Sony Music and Entertainment Middle East. Ahmed Nourini, Vice President of Business Development at Qanawat. The discussion focused on the new opportunities for artists in the region, in parallel with the artistic changes in our interconnected world, and the challenges facing the music industry in the region.