“When the weather is determined by a cold Arctic anticyclone, the cold conquers the territory. Last night, the air temperature in Moscow dropped to -12 ... -14 ° C. In the region, it dropped to -15 ° C. In the next day, the background temperature will remain the same. The nights will be pretty cold. In the center of Moscow, the temperature will be about -8 ... -10 ° C., In sleeping areas up to -12 ° C. In the daytime due to solar heating and the fact that there will be no strong wind, the air will warm up and the temperature will be about -6 ° C. That is, it is 5 ° C below the climatic norm, ”said the weather forecaster.

Pozdnyakova also noted that on Saturday and Sunday the nature of the weather will not change significantly.

“On Sunday night and Monday night, the temperature will be slightly higher, about -8 ...- 10 ° C in most of the capital region. Such cold weather is rarely observed at the end of November. We expect such persistent frosts to last almost until the middle of next week. Then the nature of the weather will change and the temperature will begin to rise, the daytime will approach zero, ”she said.

Earlier, the leading specialist of the Phobos weather center Alexander Sinenkov said that the night of Friday, November 22, was the coldest in Moscow in the last ten years.