The 73-year-old actress Susan Sarandon will share photos on her own Instagram channel on Friday of her battered face, sustained by "little slider," said the 73-year-old actress.

The actress sustained a concussion, broken nose and bruised knee because of the fall that she herself calls a small slider. Due to these circumstances, Sarandon is forced to cancel her appointment to campaign for Senator Bernie Sanders.

She immediately seizes her fall to create a greater awareness of climate change, violence and immigration laws.

"If this is an emergency, ask those who are separated from their families at the border, or who are separated from their loved ones by an unjust, racist, profitable prison system. Or ask the farmers, scientists, and people who have their home lost due to flooding, "she writes.

Sarandon is known for its active support of progressive and left-wing political goals. Sarandon was arrested in 2018 during the Women Disobey protests, along with 575 other people, for protesting against President Trump's immigration policy.

The American actress won an Academy Award in 1996 for her role in the film Dead Man Walking. In addition, she was awarded more than 35 acting prizes, including a BAFTA Award (for The Client ).