Lebanese singer Cyrine Abdel Nour confirmed that the series «Diva», which will be launched soon, is inspired by reality, and is based on the details and data, experiences and experiences accumulated for the makers and producers of talent programs.

She was delighted with the experience as part of her continued collaboration with MBC Group since the launch of the series “Ruby” in 2012, passing through her appearance in a number of dramas, most recently during the last Ramadan season.

This came during a press conference, held by the group in the presence of artists involved in the work of Jacob Farhan and Bossi, and a number of media, to launch the series, which begins its show through «witness», starting from 27th of this month.

Regarding her role in the role and the move to provide a dramatic work through electronic platforms, explained Cyrine Abdel Nour: «The role of (Rima) is a mixture of feelings, when a woman seems strong and sometimes weak, as the work shows how the artist is affected by rumors, and its impact on his artistic and personal life» .

"It is time to keep up with the times on the level of artistic and dramatic production through special and distinctive productions, and to meet the requirements of the younger generation, which is strongly oriented to follow the various productions through the Internet platforms."

World Review

For his part, actor Jacob Farhan that «work shines on the world of real characters, written much realism and correct manner», expressing pride to be one of the heroes of the first productions «Shahid» exclusive, praising the efforts made by the team who worked behind the camera In the scenes, he will come out with the best image, as well as a great understanding with Sirine and Bossi, hoping that the work will be well thought out by the public. Bossi said, "I have been a lot during my career in television dramas and movies as well, but the experience of Diva is really different by any standards, and I did not expect to produce a dramatic production in such a beautiful way." And deliberately settle accounts with Rima (Cyrine Abdel Nour), and we will understand the reasons for the change of them ». She added «I hope that the work will find wide interaction from the public, especially since we put a lot of time and effort in its implementation».

Dramatic plot

Alex Maoushi, Regional Director of Production, said: “At MBC we have produced many Arabic versions of a variety of international talent programs, which inspired us to offer drama beyond the classical and traditional frameworks of the series. Thus, Diva came to be the first product of Shahid's original productions. Al-Maoushi added: «The work is characterized by its quality and quality, especially as it includes a workshop composed of a group of prominent writers from Egypt and Lebanon, who worked hard to strengthen the dramatic plot, in addition to a distinctive duo between director Randa Alam and director of photography awarded Saliba, who gave their heart to achieve a satisfactory result The audience". For his part, the Director General of «witness», Johannes Larcher, that the global drama productions are now more massive and quality than ever before, thanks to the global digital platforms and VOD service, and the direction of the entertainment giants towards this type of productions. "We promise the Arab public more quality productions and diverse dramatic patterns in the coming period."

Workshop and Heroes

Sara Faraj, Hind Radwan, Sama Abdel Khalek, Engy Al-Qasem, and Jad Khoury, directed by Randa Alam, were the authors of the Diva workshop.

The tournament returns to the star Cyrine Abdel Nour.

Adventure and responsibility

Cyrine Abdel Nour expressed her happiness to be the first to enter this experience, which is both an adventure and a responsibility, after the Lebanese and Arab dramas and the co-productions in which she participated.