A solitary guitar craftsman-"Tone" that captivates artists November 22 16:20

Suga Shikao, Sukima Switch, Kazuyoshi Saito, do you know what these people have in common? In fact, they are artists who love acoustic guitars handmade by Saga craftsmen. The sound that has attracted big artists. I was very particular about the lonely craftsman who created it. (Saga Broadcasting Station reporter Hikaru Honda)

The workshop is a prefab hut!

A prefab hut about 1 car in the suburbs of Saga city. “Sounds” that are transmitted not only to Japan but to the world are created here.

The main person is Junichiro Aise (51). All of them are made to order. It is a guitar craftsman who is particular about handmade.

“I like making things and I think I ’m the most fun when I ’m doing it.”

Thorough commitment

The first thing Aise does after receiving a guitar order is to understand what the customer wants.

Guitars range from high-pitched sounds to low-pitched sounds. For this reason, we will write down requests on the “order sheet” through interaction with customers.

There is another important task. It is wood selection as the main body. Even if they are the same type, the sound resonates differently.

In order to respond to the customer's request, tap and check the sound of the sound.

On top of that, we will finally begin production.

The secret of the sound played by Aise-san's guitar is inside the body. An important part called “bracing” that determines the sound.

This long and narrow piece of wood is generally machined, but Mr. Aise uses a kettle.

An exquisite work in millimeters that repeats adjustments to bring it closer to the ideal sound. A sense based on experience depends on it.

Mr. Aise “For example, we will decide how to sharpen the material while determining the characteristics of the material, such as hardness, tension, etc.

It takes about 4 months to make one guitar. Even if several are produced in parallel, it is said that the limit is 15 per year. Still, the price starts at about 300,000 yen.

The idea is that anyone who loves music can get it, regardless of professional or amateur.

The road opened from an unexpected place

Aise entered the guitar factory in Fukuoka Prefecture when she wanted to make things. However, all the guitars that are made at the factory are gradually becoming unsatisfactory on the uniform guitars, and the desire to “make only one thing in the world” will be raised.

At 39 years of age, he started his career and became independent and set up a workshop on his home. I had been working closely for a while, but at one point the road suddenly opened.

The owner of a local musical instrument store that wholesaled guitars introduced the members of the popular music group, Sukima Switch's backband, and made the guitar. Then vocalist Takuya Ohashi fell in love with Aise's guitar. I received an order from Mr. Ohashi.

Reputation has spread through word of mouth, and now artists such as Suga Shikao and Kazuyoshi Saito also love Aise's guitar.

Mr. Ayase “I realized that there was a person who would appreciate even if I wasn't making a lot of sales, but if I was polishing my technique,”

Making “sounds that musicians want”

It is the voices received from musicians that drive Aise-san into production.

Mr. Watanabe Shuhei, who is active in popular groups such as the total number of video views uploaded to the video posting site exceeds 1.3 billion times.

Mr. Watanabe asked us to “make a guitar that has an impact on the treble”. Mr. Aise assembles all processes with emphasis on the sound of treble.

Watanabe who picked up the finished guitar ...

Mr. Watanabe: “It was a mess because it was in the middle of my heart. When I placed an order, I wanted to make a detailed sound, what kind of sound I want to use, and what to use, so I can only give this. Aise is really valuable because you can play music only when there is a craftsman behind the scenes. "

True professional

Mr. Aise, a solitary craftsman who has been waiting for a year after a series of orders, continues to make guitars.

"I feel nervous when I play the guitar that the customer ordered in my hand, and when I play it, it's a moment where I can see it only once. I'm 51 years old and I am now. "I have been confident in my long time so far, and I want to continue until I can make the last one, the one that is the best."

I also worked as a band when I was a student and still touch the guitar on my days off. Mr. Aise's guitar was powerful when it was played, but there was also a subtlety in the small sound, and it was a warm sound with blood.

From the consistent attitude of Mr. Aise, “Making the best guitars that musicians want”, I feel like I was taught the meaning of professionals.

A new “sound” created by craftsmanship is born today from a small prefab hut in Saga.

Saga Broadcasting Station reporter Hikaru Honda entered in 2013