Jane Fonda, who has been protesting for climate for seven consecutive Fridays in Washington, cannot be arrested after four arrests. According to T MZ , the actress runs the risk of getting a prison sentence if she is arrested for the fifth time.

Images from TMZ show how Fonda is led away by her fellow protesters as soon as the police arrive to make arrests. The actress experiences the rest of the protest from a balcony where she welcomes her colleagues.

This week actresses Piper Perabo, Amber Valletta and Diane Lane were arrested. In earlier weeks, Sam Waterston, Ted Danson and Rosanna Arquette were also handcuffed in Washington.

As part of the Fire Drill Fridays action group, Fonda and her colleagues demonstrate every Friday in Washington to draw attention to the climate issue. Fonda has been arrested four times for illegal demonstrations. The actress was released the first three times after a few hours, but the fourth time spent a night in jail.

The action group would like to prevent Fonda from being arrested again and actually disappearing behind bars for a longer period of time, because she has become the figurehead of the movement.