In Spain, the television program Gran Hermano , the Spanish version of the reality show Big Brother , came under fire after an alleged rape was filmed. Candidate Carlota Prado was allegedly abused by fellow candidate José María López and the makers confronted her with the images the next day.

Prado and López both participated in Gran Hermano Revolution in 2017. The two seemed to get along well in the first instance. After a party in the house, Prado was under the influence of alcohol and was brought to bed by López. There he would have forced her to undress and raped her.

The day after the incident, López was removed from the program. Prado also left the show not much later. Later on, Prado decided to report the incident after the program makers advised her not to talk about the incident.

Now, two years later, the trial against López begins and the El Confidencial newspaper has received video material showing that the makers of the program knew what was going on in the house that particular night.

Prado only sees images of alleged rape in the room

The images show how Prado should report in the so-called confessional room where the candidates talk to the camera. In this room she gets to see the images that were made in her bedroom the night before without explanation. It can be heard that Prado tells López several times that he must stop.

Prado begs 'big brother', who only communicates with her through a microphone, to stop the images, but this request is not being met. "We think you should see these images," you can hear. Prado tries to leave the room in vain. Eventually the video stops, but the audio still continues to run.

Then the voice over the microphone states that López has been kicked out of the house and that it is better for both if the events are not discussed with the other candidates. She is offered psychological help, even though Prado says she wants to talk to her friends. The candidate sits in the room alone for more than ten minutes before a psychologist and the CEO of production company Zeppelin TV catch her.

El Confidencial reports that the makers of Gran Hermano and employees of the Telecinco channel, which broadcasts the program, have never approached Prado about this. The broadcaster and production company have not yet responded publicly to the publication of the images.