Wakayama iron pipe fall fatal accident 4 days before the pipe fall November 20 6:23


On the 19th, a man who hit the head of a construction scaffolding iron pipe fell in a building in Wakayama City, and the iron pipe fell in the same way four days before the accident in the building on the spot. Knew that had been offered to thoroughly implement safety measures. The police have decided to investigate in detail whether the contents of the offer were well protected on site.

On the 19th, an iron pipe fell from near the rooftop of a 12-story building in Wazayama-shi 13-sancho, and hit the head of Tomoyuki Itagaki (26), a bank clerk in Chuo-ku, Osaka, who was walking nearby. Died.

According to police investigations so far, the iron pipe weighs about 5 kg and is used as part of the scaffold for construction, and it seems that it was dropped when the scaffold was dismantled near the 12th floor, According to the building management company, the iron pipe had fallen from the rooftop in the same way on the 15th of this month, 4 days before the accident.

There were no injuries at the time, but the metal fittings that fixed the iron pipes seemed to be loose, and the contractors who were working on the management company thoroughly inspected the management companies for looseness and put safety nets on them Then it was to offer.

The police are to investigate in detail whether the countermeasures proposed by the traders have been adequately protected on site.