Sawajiri suspect MDMA “Obtained at a different event venue from the day before the arrest” November 19, 13:35

Actress Sawajiri Sawajiri, who was arrested for possessing a synthetic drug MDMA, stated that she had obtained MDMA at a different event venue from the Shibuya club that she visited the day before the arrest. I found out through interviews with investigators.

Actress Sawajiri Erika (33) was arrested on the 16th of this month for possessing a synthetic narcotic MDMA in a condominium apartment in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.

The Metropolitan Police Department conducted an investigation by obtaining information that illegal drugs were obtained and used at the club, and when Sawajiri, who visited the Shibuya club the night before, returned home the next morning, he searched the house. Done and seized MDMA.

According to investigators, for subsequent investigations, the seized MDMA states that it was received from another event venue, not the club visited the previous day.

About the time when it was obtained, it means that it is a few weeks ago.

The Metropolitan Police Department will continue to investigate further details.