"Stabbed with murderous intent" Kawasaki Street Magical Murder Case First Defendant Defendant November 19 13:51

Thirteen years ago, a 27-year-old woman was stabbed and killed in a tunnel in Kawasaki city, and the first trial of the defendant charged with murder was held at the Yokohama District Court, and the defendant said, I stabbed my chest with "

Defendant Yoichi Suzuki (39) in Yokohama City was 13 years ago in September 2006, on the sidewalk in the tunnel under the JR overpass in Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki City, Yuri Kuronuma (27 at that time) He was charged with murder for murdering his stomach and chest with a knife.

Defendant Suzuki was sentenced to prison in another attempted murder case and was arrested and prosecuted by telling police that he was involved in this case while serving.

Defendant Suzuki said in a judge trial that started at the Yokohama District Court on the 19th, “I wasn't killed when I stabbed my belly, but then I stabbed my chest with murderous intent.”

Next, the prosecutor pointed out, "The defendant wanted to see the expression that his favorite woman was struggling with, and was looking at the woman. did.

The defendant's lawyer, on the other hand, insisted that “the motive was related to the mental illness of the defendant. No specific act was decided until the victim's face was seen, and there was no planning” .