Onno Blom, the biographer of author Jan Wolkers, has revealed a deleted erotic passage from his book Turkish Fruit . In the passage you can read how the main character has sex with a heavily pregnant Indonesian friend, who gives birth to a daughter soon after the sexual act, de Volkskrant reports Wednesday.

"When I held a breast and squeezed it, I squirted the milk in my face, and when I sew with her - sideways in front of her moving belly - that white, sticky stuff would get out of her nipples. Sometimes I took one in my mouth and sucked, because it is damn nice to spray when you drink. And the other way around ", can be read in the deleted passage from the book of Wolkers who died in 2007.

Blom does not know why Wolkers canceled the passage. When the biographer found the passage, the writer of Turks Fruit had already died at the age of 81.

Turks Fruit came out in November 1969. Wolkers' publisher was shocked by the opening of the book, in which the author writes about nude photos and masturbation. "That is so hard for people. If you omit it, we will sell 100,000 more copies of it", publisher Willem Bloemena would have said about the manuscript. "About my corpse. Not a word goes out", Wolkers answered.

Turkish Fruit has been translated into more than twenty languages ​​and is in its 57th edition in the Netherlands. Director Paul Verhoeven filmed the book in 1972. Monique van de Ven and Rutger Hauer played the lead roles in the story about the love between the sculptor Erik and his great love Olga.


Trailer: Turkish Fruit