Shiga Koto Hospital Incident Women's Retrial Innocent Sure Prosecution To Abort Proving Guild October 23 13:36


16 years ago, at a hospital in Higashi-Omi City, Shiga Prefecture, a prosecutor decided to abandon a guilty claim about a retrial of a former nursing assistant who had been accused of murdering a patient. It has become certain that.

Nishiyama Mika (39), a nursing assistant at the Koto Memorial Hospital in Higashi-Omi City, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the death of a 72-year-old male patient who had been ventilated and killed. I served.

As a result of appealing innocence and requesting a retrial, Mr. Nishiyama acknowledged the possibility that the patient died of disease, and decided that the trial would be repeated in March.

The prosecution said that the prosecution would again guilty about this retrial, but according to the defense, he told him to abandon his conviction by 23rd and finish the trial in a single trial and seek a judgment within the year. It has been

This ensured that Mr. Nishiyama was acquitted at the retrial.

Nishiyama held a conference in Otsu City on the 23rd and said, “I'm glad, but I also wanted to ask the criminal who investigated me directly, but my parents were relieved.”

In addition, defense lawyer Kenichi Ido said, “If the prosecution had re-examined the evidence at the time the petition was filed, the conclusion would have come sooner.”

Otsu District Prosecution "No New Proof"

The Otsu District Public Prosecutor's Office commented, “We will not make a new proof of guilt and will seek appropriate judgment from the court based on evidence examined in previous trials.”