A study by Better Future Child Health (HBBF), led by research director Jane Hollihan, found toxic ingredients in 95% of them.

The researchers tested 168 kinds of baby food in the United States and found that 95% of the tested baby food contained one or more of these toxic metals.

94% of these foods contained lead, 75% contained cadmium, 73% had arsenic, and 32% had mercury.

Among the foods that pose the greatest risk of exposure to heavy metals are foods based on rice, carrots, sweet potatoes and fruit juices.

Even small amounts of toxins in this food can alter the developing brain and erode a child's IQ, the report says.

In a study published by Columbia University in 2004, it was found that children from Bangladesh were exposed to arsenic poisoning from drinking water and did not achieve good results in their study tests.

She also explained that because of water arsenic, it also means that it is transferred to food, especially rice, which absorbs a lot of water compared to other grains.
The results also showed that one in four baby foods tested contained all four minerals, and only 9 out of 168 food items did not contain toxic metals.

Among the most toxic foods for infants are rice snacks, rice cereals for infants and teething biscuits.

These baby foods contain not only toxic inorganic arsenic, but also contaminants of all four toxic metals, the report said.