French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Sunday evening, October 13, the common will of France and Germany to stop the Turkish offensive in northeastern Syria, receiving Chancellor Angela Merkel in Paris. According to the head of state, it could create "an unsustainable humanitarian situation" and "help" the Islamic State group "to re-emerge in the region."

During a working dinner with the German Chancellor, the President of the Republic announced that "the common will" of Paris and Berlin "is that this offensive ceases.Our conviction to both is that this offensive takes the risk, on the one hand, and we already see it on the ground, to create unsustainable humanitarian situations and, on the other hand, to help Daech [Arabic acronym for the Islamic State terrorist group, Ed] to re-emerge in the region, "said Emmanuel Macron.

In addition to this declaration and dinner, the French head of state meets the same evening a Restricted Defense Council to address the situation in northeastern Syria, according to the presidency of the Republic. This Defense Council will bring together Prime Minister Philippe Philippe, the Ministers of Justice, Foreign Affairs, Armies and the Interior, as well as the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Admiral Rogel.

"I spoke with President Erdogan for an hour, we must take into account the interests and security of Turkey, but we also think that we must put an end to this Turkish invasion because there are humanitarian reasons and we can not accept this situation against the Kurds, "added Angela Merkel.

"In the face of this situation, we will remain very coordinated, as we have been to signal to the Turks the end of all our arms sales, but also on the initiatives to be taken in the coming hours and days", concluded the French president.

He also called on Europeans to unite in "this difficult and sometimes disturbing European and international moment". "Europe can not afford the luxury of vain quarrels, small arguments or add internal crises to the world tensions that already affect us," he added.

On the fifth day of their attack, Turkish forces and their local allies advanced deep into Syria on Sunday, appearing to complete the first phase of their offensive against Kurdish forces, released by Washington, which announced the close withdrawal. 1,000 soldiers from northern Syria.

Kurdish authorities have reported the escape of nearly 800 ISIS jihadist relatives from an IDP camp.

France 24 with AFP and Reuters