Camille Cottin, the leading actress of the series "Ten Percent", came to Europe 1 to present the new film of Christophe Honoré, "Room 212", where she holds one of the leading roles. The columnist Hélène Mannarino took the opportunity to reveal some surprising anecdotes about her life.


Alongside Benjamin Biolay, Chiara Mastroianni and Vincent Lacoste, she is on the bill for the new Christophe Honoré movie, Room 212 , where she plays an ex-woman from the past. On Europe 1, Camille Cottin, revealed in the miniseries La Connasse , let herself be caught in the game of "unexpected portrait" of Helen Mannarino, Wednesday.

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This column makes us discover surprising facets of the personality of Camille Cottin, heroine of the hit series Ten Percent .

Waterfalls at all costs

For Camille Cottin, when stunts are planned on a shoot, there is no question of using a lining. Whenever a waterfall is on the program, she demands to do it herself. She found herself making one for a movie under water trunks and bathing in the Seine for a luxury brand advert.

On a daily basis, this taste for adventure also follows the intrepid actress, who only moves in electric scooters, even if a fall has one day been able to slow down her ardor. The actress had wanted, in fact, to call and direct the machine with one hand, at the same time ...

Despite this audacity, it is not possible to ask Camille Cottin a waterfall in the water. The actress has indeed an obsession, even a phobia for sharks, to the point of asking for the change of a scenario that provided, for her, a bathing scene in the sea.

A seed of actress

The passion of the cinema did not arise by chance in the life of Camille Cottin. Little, already, she woke up her sister, at night, to organize shows, while reproaching her, then, her softness. She also knew very early the unforeseen proper to the profession of comedian, when his mother had launched a troupe of theater. Camille Cottin played Helen in The Trojan War will not take place while a boy who pleased him played the role of his beloved. Unfortunately, he canceled the day before the performance and was replaced by Camille Cottin's mother ...

Singer in the soul

The actress, who has a beautiful voice, enjoys the music, especially the songs of Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin. This love of music, she shares with her loved ones since her adolescence. When she was younger, she took her eight-year-old sister to the Niagara concert. Today, her four-year-old daughter takes over as she already knows Clara Luciani's song La grenade by heart.