The cultural news review of the podcast world continues: Now we can reveal that both podcast's producers - Dabozzi media - and distributor Bauer media incorrectly state that a responsible publisher takes legal responsibility for the content of the actors.

When the Cultural News checks the information on the companies' websites against the Swedish Press, Radio and Television Authority, they prove to be incorrect. Neither Dabozzi media nor Bauer media's podcast platform Radioplay has any publisher evidence.

- It undermines the entire system of responsibility, which is based on great freedom under responsibility. I think it is shameful, says Nils Funcke, an expert on press ethics, who has written several books on the subject.

"Unethical on all lengths and widths"

Television, radio and print magazines must by law have a responsible publisher - a person who is legally responsible for the content of a publication, with exclusive responsibility for any violations of the constitution. Podcasts do not currently have the same obligation, but registering a responsible publisher, according to Funcke, signals that you are a serious and responsible media player. He sees the erroneous information as unethical:

- It may not be a criminal offense, but directly inappropriate. It is unethical on all lengths and widths, says Nils Funcke.

Unfortunate mistake

Bauer media is Sweden's largest private radio operator and reaches five million listeners through radio channels such as Mix Megapol and Rock Classics. Their podcast platform contains more than 26,000 episodes, and houses several of Sweden's most listened podcasts. According to the company, Bauer Media's CEO Staffan Rosell stands as responsible publisher on Radioplay's website.

“Staffan Rosell is the responsible publisher for our radio stations, regardless of which platform the radio broadcasts are made available. We admit that it is unfortunate that it can appear on that this also applies to podcasts. We will clarify that, ”writes Jakob Gravestam, Group Marketing Director at Bauer Media, in an email to Culture News.

Six days after our communication, however, Staffan Rosell is still, and incorrectly, listed as responsible publisher during Bauer Media's extensive podcast release.

Sebastian Krantz, CEO of Dabozzi Media, which makes several of the podcasts that appear in our reviews, said they did not know the rules of publishing.

- It has to do with the fact that we had no idea whatsoever that a registration had to be made. If we had known about this, we would have done it, of course, ”he says.

"Extremely accomplished"

In addition to publishing, the cultural news review has also plagiarized four popular podcasts on Radioplay, all done by Dabozzi Media. Bauer Media has for two weeks declined an interview on this, but Jakob Gravestam writes in an e-mail that the responsible publisher issue is not relevant in those cases.

“It's about an alleged copyright infringement, which is why responsible publishing is irrelevant. This is only relevant in cases of violation of the freedom of expression, ”he writes.

It is true that a responsible publisher is not legally responsible for plagiarism, but Nils Funcke believes that even though podiatrist Sebastian Krantz is the main editor there, Bauer Media and their play service have a co-responsibility. Among other things, because they continue to sell ads, even though they have known several cases of plagiarism.

- They have given further distribution to this, and just like Sebastian Krantz, they have a financial gain from exploiting the copyrights of others. They are extremely accomplished, Funcke says.