“There will be a tendency to lower temperatures both at night and during the day almost until Wednesday. The coldest nights are expected from Sunday to Wednesday. In Moscow suburbs, frosts are from 0 ° C to -2 ° C. In Moscow at night, the temperature will be from 0 ° C to +3 ° C. According to the temperature during the daytime, the coldest days are expected from Monday to Wednesday. In Moscow - not higher than + 5 ... + 7 ° С. In the region - + 4 ... + 7 ° С. The temperature from Sunday to Wednesday will be 2 ° C below the climatic norm. The arrival of a temperature close to the climatic norm, we expect at the end of the week - on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be a slight increase of 2-3 ° C, ”he said.

According to the weather forecaster, the highest temperature is expected closer to the weekend, it will be about + 8 ... + 10 ° C in the afternoon.

“Night frosts will stop starting on Thursday. Due to the influence of the Atlantic, temperatures will rise. Today, Moscow is mostly rainless, but they are expected from Sunday to Monday. There will be a mixed phase - rain with wet snow. Short-term charges in the first days of the week are possible. But there will be no heavy rainfall, ”concluded Varakin.

Earlier, the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia reported that in Moscow and Moscow Region on October 6 a “yellow” level of weather danger was announced due to gusty winds, which in some places can reach 17 m / s.