Joop van den Ende thinks it is bad that foreign media companies are admitted to the Netherlands without critical questions. He said that Friday in the late night show Pauw.

"Netflix, Amazon, Disney: everything comes in the Netherlands. That is good for the viewer. But nobody wonders if it is good for the industry," said the 77-year-old media entrepreneur. "My son wants to work in America. That takes us three years and tons via lawyers. But in the Netherlands everyone comes in and takes the market away. I think that's a danger."

"If you want to get a foothold as a foreign media company in the Netherlands, you also have to order content here. You also need that in the United States," says van den Ende. "In China I also have to give away shares to a Chinese shareholder. The entire media is ruled by American companies. Music, film, television, everything. And we just admit it. We are killing Dutch industry. Now we are completely happy if we for a Netflix series, but they are ridiculous amounts that are paid for that. "

Van den Ende contacted the Dutch government about his concerns but was confronted with a letter that did not satisfy him. "The public service broadcaster will be cut back, for eighty or ninety million. You have to invest right now to get an independent media".

Van den Ende was a guest in Pauw to look back on the thirtieth anniversary of RTL4. He was involved with that commercial channel from the start.