That the relationship between María Teresa Campos and what has been her home until recently, Mediaset , has ended as the rosary of the dawn was an open secret that in recent weeks has become more than public in the chain through Save me or some collaborators of other Telecinco programs that as soon as they can hit their daughters without an iota of compassion. María Teresa Campos has stopped being one of the untouchables of Telecinco to become one of its main objectives.

From sweeping under the carpet any negative aspect of the presenter or any member of her family to occupy hours and hours of program on her daughters, her partner, Mustache Arrocet, and on herself. María Teresa Campos that everyone seemed to adore , who was not even squealed by Christ, who most applauded for being a great professional, to whom Mediaset gave her afternoons, then took them off, then gave his own reality is no longer as good as he was painted .

Now Maria Teresa Campos was a boss of hold on and don't wiggle , a ruthless , controlling woman and everything that can happen to you. The war between the presenter and Mediaset began before summer at the hands of her daughters, Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego . The latter's participation in GH Okupa , a tartazo, a dubious one, according to his companions, part of injuries and the outrageous departure of his sister from Sálvame were the first ravages of a hurricane that was not going to stay only in that.

Since then, Telecinco and Sálvame opened the ban against María Teresa Campos with testimonies that they left on the floor or below the one that was a star presenter. Maria Teresa's contract had been terminated a few weeks ago and the Campos sisters had set foot in dusty. The presenter has just been protected .

From a Victor Sandoval revealing the supposed weavings of the Fields so that at that time -Victor Sandoval then presented Mamma Mía in Telemadrid- it was his daughter who was placed in front of the afternoon of Telecinco and not Sandoval with call included, always according to the Víctor Sandoval collaborator, to the dome of the chain. "I just needed you to come and tell me what I have to do or not," Sandoval said that he released the Fields then, in addition to not calling him a Day-to-Day collaborator.

It was the first blow of many others that would come from many other voices and many other characters that without a doubt if Maria Teresa Campos had followed aboard Vasile's ship they would not have been produced. María Teresa Campos was a large one in Mediaset, one of the largest. His photo, like that of many others, occupied the corridors of Telecinco and the jokes of going to worship her were common. Mediaset loved María Teresa and María Teresa loved Mediaset. But the marriage broke up and the divorce has not been friendly at all .

So far only the daughters of the presenter have been those who have responded to all the accusations , insinuations and others that have been made about them and their mother, while María Teresa, facing the public, was silent. A silence that last night broke with Toñi Moreno in the new program of Telemadrid, Those wonderful years .

The presenter sat in a comfortable chair, in the armchair of a friend who, although working for Mediaset and being a friend of the Fields, was not going to miss the opportunity to get all the possible milk from the confrontation between María Teresa and the chain of Paolo Vasile

Although the Fields warned him that he did not want to talk about the subject and that he had told him before the interview, Toñi knew how to get what no one had achieved so far, that Maria Teresa launched his first attack in this war. Although sibylline, although restrained in words, was the revenge of María Teresa Campos .

Toñi Moreno launched the cane with a question that a priori carried no intuition beyond the cordiality of this type of interview. "What do you see in the afternoon?" Moreno asked. "I see the secret of Puente Viejo . I'm hooked. Then I see Arturo Valls in Now Caigo and then I see about Juanra Bonet's boxes. I used to see Pasapalabra pass by," the presenter replied. María Teresa gave Telecinco with an open hand, but without moving a single hair. María Teresa only watches programs from the enemy chain , from Antena 3.

"Do you hear what is being said about you?" Toñi Moreno was more direct. And, although it was the moment when Maria Teresa told her that she didn't want to talk about this, María Teresa couldn't help it. As much as he says that he doesn't want to talk about the subject and that he doesn't want to give minutes to Save Me , the Fields must have so much accumulated that he could not and did not want - because it is not silly to avoid keeping silent .

"I do not see what is said about me for health, and I have told everyone not to tell me anything on the mobile (...) I am an older person and these things do me a lot of emotional damage and it is unnecessary because the only thing that I have done in my life is to work, "Maria Teresa Campos had just responded, to which you could tell she was doing an incredible act of containment. I am convinced that what he said, he said until he measured it with a square and bevel and that what he saves is much more.

In fact, María Teresa Campos knows how far she can go so that the bomb does not explode in her face and referring to Save Me , whom she called at all times "that program", María Teresa made it very clear: "I have many people who he wants and tells me things. I don't say that anyone sees them, everyone is free to do what they want, another thing is that they can sleep peacefully . And I'm already talking more than I wanted. "

It was at the end of the interview that when he said goodbye to Toñi Moreno he released in two words much more than what he was probably thinking of releasing: "I live scared . " A devastating statement is either María Teresa Campos or the opposite neighbor.

La Campos is afraid and although he said neither of what nor of whom it is clear whom he fears. He fears that testimonies will continue to appear staining a curriculum in which the shadow of doubt has always been, but no one came to light; fears that information about Mustache Arrocet, infidelities, separations, etc .; He fears that his daughters will continue to be attacked, that they will continue to become the save me puching ball.

Yes, María Teresa Campos is scared and I don't know why the saying of "he who fears something owes something" comes to my head. This war can only go to more. What he said last night in those wonderful years will not go unnoticed in Telecinco and probably today or tomorrow he will receive a response multiplied by one hundred. In Telecinco you feel the desire to give it and María Teresa is no longer silent .

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