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Peter strips Paul


As in the psalms, the scintillations and the turbions break the oaks, bare the forests and flood the crops. César Luena, deputy in Strasbourg, informs that the climate change

As in the psalms, the scintillations and the turbions break the oaks, bare the forests and flood the crops. César Luena , a deputy in Strasbourg, reports that climate change is already worrying 90% of Spaniards and Europeans see the environmental crisis as a more serious problem than terrorism. The cold drop, which has originated in the high levels of the atmosphere, coincides with the storm that is setting in the clouds of politics. Pedro Sánchez , as is his obligation, has flown over the catastrophe in the vegas of Alicante and Murcia, has checked the ravages from the helicopter and has greeted, in the White House president's plan, the heads of the Military Emergency Unit; the scenes and the plans looked like the first flight of the electoral campaign, when Pedro and Pablo Iglesias still do not reach agreements for the investiture, on the eve of the interview with the King. Those of the PSOE remember that "in the beginning it was Podemos who wanted to advance the PSOE on the left, now it is the PSOE that prevents Podemos from practicing Trostkista-style entrism."

Entrismo, the tactic of the Fourth International to infiltrate as a fifth column, does not seem to be the style of Iglesias when he has renounced the guillotine, the Republic and the self-determination of Catalonia, more quickly than Santiago Carrillo made assignments in the Transition. Paul offers stability; Ferraz's answer him not to sit with him until he resigns from the coalition government. The Government spokeswoman, Isabel Celaá , practices with Pablo the gaslighting (emotional abuse) saying that her position is absurd and what she has to do is not to vote again with the three rights.

In Spain it is proven every day that not only historians, but politicians, can modify the past. Now, however, it will be difficult for politicians to disfigure what has happened in the frustrated investiture because it has been broadcast live. We have all seen how Podemos, who was Pedro Sánchez's travel companion until the motion of censure, was rejected even as a necessary collaborator for a free abstention. And Pablo Iglesias has stripped the turbulence of the demagogues, but has forgotten Mao's warning: "Who are your friends, who are your enemies?", The key question of a leader on the left. Pedro Sánchez has not understood that in politics even an ant can shade and has ostraquized Pablo Iglesias, as did the Athenians with those accused of atimia, depriving them of democratic rights.

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