The search for a perfect world has led Emirati artist Mahra Al Falahi to organize her first solo exhibition, titled 'Tatweer' in Abu Dhabi, noting that her work always carries a message of ambition and not contentment with reality, embarking on new experiences and aspiring to far-reaching goals. Achieve it with a challenge.

The show, which opened recently on Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi, and lasts for a month, includes a series of models of jellyfish, and based on the main idea that sometimes people live in a place where they think it is best for him, and is afraid to come out of it and actually He used to, whereas if he set out to try other places and worlds, he could find a more beautiful life, so one should not limit himself to a particular pattern or reality, and to experience different experiences.

Childhood dreams

“For nearly a year, I have been working on a series called 'Finding the Perfect World', and this exhibition is part of this series. This series talks about a fictional world that combines childhood memories and nostalgia for childhood stories and dreams. Outside the sea in search of another place to live, and because she believed that there is a strong relationship between the sea and the sky and that each is an extension of the other; jellyfish decided to go and fly to the sky, and there took the nests of the clouds and lived happily, and became a source of thunder and lightning ».

She pointed out that the UAE artist that her work always calls for the aspiration for the farthest, and beyond the limited, and the belief that what we think impossible can be achieved with effort, patience and challenge.

Preparation phase

She explained that the start was in February last two months in the study of the idea and intensive research and selection of suitable materials, and conduct experiments on the implementation of models, especially that each of them consists of three parts, so she had to try each part separately as well The material used in it, and whether it will achieve the desired result or not, then the choice of colors, and by the end of last March began the implementation phase, which lasted until last June.

She continued: «Previously used to use one material in the implementation of the artistic work, but in this project used three different types of fabrics are Oganza, chiffon and tulle, and the integration of these materials together was a kind of challenge».


Mahra said that the exhibition includes 12 pieces, one of which is not shown because it will be dedicated to the restaurant Koya on Al Maryah Island hosting the exhibition for a month in recognition of his initiative, where he used to host artists to highlight their work, and the organizers have experience in the selection of artists to deal with.

She pointed out that when they contacted her to host her work, the idea of ​​the exhibition was at the beginning, and found that the place is the most suitable for the implementation of the idea and presented to the public, expressing her happiness to hold her first solo exhibition in Abu Dhabi where she lives, has participated in group exhibitions: The second exhibition coincided with her graduation at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Sharjah last year, and then participated in the exhibition of mirrors in Sharjah, in addition to a fourth exhibition at the American University in Dubai.

"Man should not bind himself to a particular pattern or reality, and to experience different experiences."

«The idea of ​​business was in February, and took two months to study and choose raw materials».


A piece of the exhibition titled 'Evolution', which lasts for a month on Al Maryah Island.


Different types of fabrics: organza, chiffon and tulle, used by skilled in carrying out the work of the exhibition.