Scientific name: Kamuisaurus Japonics Mukakawa Ryu, discovered in Hokkaido, September 6th 0:01

The largest dinosaur in Japan, where the fossil of the whole body remains, is known as `` Mukakawa Ryu '', a new kind of dinosaur, Ainu is put in the scientific name after Hokkaido where it was discovered, named `` Kamusaurus Japonics '' It was

Mukawa Ryu is the largest dinosaur in Japan with fossilized bones. It was discovered 16 years ago in Mukawa Town, Hokkaido. It is 8m long, weighs 4 to 5.3 tons, and inhabited about 72 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous Period. It seems that it was.

A detailed analysis by the research group of Prof. Koji Kobayashi and others at the Hokkaido University Museum revealed that it is a new species of herbivorous dinosaurs, called Hadrosaurus, from the features of the lower jaw bone and spine projections. Ainu language was used and it was named “Kamusaurus Japonics” in the sense of “Japanese dinosaur god”.

Professor Kobayashi said, “Research has just started, and we want to clarify what kind of ecology and movement it was in the future.”

Mr. Yoshiyuki Hotta, the first discoverer of Mukawa Ryu, said, “I am grateful that the obsessions of the people involved were found to be new species. It was good to be a name suitable for Hokkaido.”

Prof. Kobayashi "Japanese dinosaur research is at a new stage"

Professor Kobayashi said, "Dinosaur research has been conducted mainly in North America, but there may have been a dinosaur world different from that in Japan. It is a stratum that has not been thought to be a dinosaur fossil among researchers, and there is a good chance that a new type of fossil as great as the Mukawa dragon will be found in the future. I thought. ”

Mayor Mukawa “Treasure of the town Japanese treasure”

Mr. Yoshiyuki Takenaka, mayor of Mukawa Town, said, “The scientific name of Mukawa Ryu was given one year after the earthquake, and I felt the fate of the town aiming for reconstruction. I hope that value and excitement will be communicated. "