“The temperature will begin to drop markedly. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, the temperature will drop by 5–7 ° C. Today and Monday there will be clear, dry weather with maximum values ​​of + 20 ... + 22 ° C, on Wednesday the temperature will drop. She will be in the zone + 15 ... + 17 ° C, in the region even lower. Nights will become noticeably colder, the minimum values ​​of night temperatures will be below +10 ° C. On Thursday, temperatures in the range of + 3 ... + 8 ° C are forecasted, ”he said.

Villefand noted that the temperature regime of + 15 ... + 17 ° C will be maintained throughout the second half of the week, and at night the thermometers will show + 4 ... + 9 ° C.

According to the weather forecaster, precipitation is not forecasted next week due to high pressure. However, he added that Tuesday will be an exception, as rain is expected on this day due to the passage of the secondary front.

“If today and tomorrow we are in the center of the warm part of the anticyclone, then, starting from the second half of Tuesday, Moscow will be in the cold part of the anticyclone, on the eastern periphery. Fresh Arctic air will flow in the center of European Russia, ”Wilfand explained the reason for the August cold snap.

Earlier weather forecasters warned of a significant cooling in Moscow in late August.