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"A sharp drop in temperature": weather forecasters warned Muscovites about a cold snap next week


Significant cooling awaits residents of the capital region from the middle of next week. At the same time, weather forecasters warned that the temperature drop will occur quite sharply. According to them, the cold will bring the Scandinavian anticyclone. Because of it, the air temperature during the day will not exceed +18 ° C, and at night it will not exceed +7 ° C. Moreover, in the east of the Moscow Region even the first frosts are possible.

Muscovites next week expects a significant cooling. This was stated in the Moscow Weather Bureau. It is noted that the thermometer columns will sharply go down from Wednesday, August 28. The reason will be the action of the Scandinavian anticyclone. The metropolitan region will be in its eastern periphery, where the north wind circulates.

“Now we have one anticyclone determining the weather, and already warmed air circulates in it. He came from the territory of Ukraine and Belarus. But the next anticyclone will come to us from the northern latitudes, most likely from the north of Scandinavia. We will be located on its eastern periphery - this is the cold periphery - and therefore with a northerly wind, portions of colder air will begin to come to us. And the nature of the weather will begin to change by mid-week, by Wednesday – Thursday, ”Tatyana Pozdnyakova, chief specialist of the Moscow Weather Bureau, told RT.

According to her, on Monday, August 26, and Tuesday, August 27, a comfortable air temperature will remain +20 ... + 22 ° С during the day and +10 ... + 12 ° С at night. And on Wednesday there will already be a sharp jump down.

“From the second half of Wednesday afternoon, a sharp drop in temperature will begin both in the daytime and at night. As a result, it is possible that by the end of the working week the temperature will drop to +8 ... + 10 ° С, in the region to +4 ° С. In this situation, in low places of the relief, since we did not have rains and the soil is dry, the temperature in the grass can be slightly negative, ”said Pozdnyakova.

Thus, the weather forecaster did not exclude that the first frosts are possible in the east of the Moscow region. “But there is nothing extraordinary in this. As a matter of fact, the time of the first frosts in Moscow falls precisely on the last days of August, ”the interlocutor of RT noted.

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Her forecast was confirmed by the supervisor of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Wilfand. “On Wednesday, the temperature will drop and it will really be in the zone +15 ... + 17 ° C, even lower in the region. And nights will become noticeably colder, the minimum values ​​of night temperatures will be below +10 ° C. Thursday it is forecasted that the temperature will be in the range +3 ... + 8 ° C. This suggests that in the morning, going to work, Muscovites will be in "combat mode," he told RT.

At the same time, Vilfand emphasized that Thursday night will be the coldest in the week. However, according to him, high atmospheric pressure as a whole will save residents of the metropolitan region from precipitation. Light rain can only go on Tuesday.

Indian summer to be

Cold weather will not stay long. As the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center clarified, preliminary calculations indicate a possible increase in temperature in the first days of September.

“The classic Indian summer is somewhere after the 14th. Calculations of weather forecasters who are engaged in long-term forecasts say that September will be quite warm. Most likely, the heat will return. But it’s hard to say what dates, ”Tatyana Pozdnyakova said in turn.

As previously explained to RT by Anatoly Tsygankov, deputy head of the Roshydromet situational center, Indian summer is the period at the end of September that lasts about a week and has elevated temperatures compared to normal.

“This refers to the second half of September, when there is high pressure, an anticyclone, the sun is shining and the average daily temperature rises by 5-7 degrees. This is a dry and relatively warm period, but it can still freeze at night. In the afternoon it’s warm and dry, ”said the weather forecaster.

August Thaw

It is noted that this weekend the air temperature in Moscow exceeded the climatic norm. So, on Saturday, August 24, in the afternoon, +22.9 ° C was recorded, and on Sunday, August 25, +19.7 ° C.

“This weekend, the temperature was two to three degrees above normal. The weather was rather hot in the first half of the week, and then, I would say, “velvet” weather, when it’s not warm, but comfortable. There was almost no wind, it was cloudy, but the clouds did not interfere with the Sun, ”said Wilfand TASS.

According to weather forecasters, the warmest day of August was the 20th day. Then the air temperature in the capital reached +27 ° С. The warmest night was called night on the 22nd. The temperature did not fall below +18.6 ° С, and in the center of the capital it almost reached +20 ° С.

In general, this week pampered Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region with real summer warmth, while the beginning of August passed under the sign of cold weather. It was noted that on August 4 and 5 they became the most “frosty” since 1948.

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