Eight Mile, the music publisher of rapper Eminem has filed a complaint against Spotify. According to Eight Mile, Spotify would have reproduced more than 250 songs from the rapper without having a license, reports The Hollywood Reporter .

The publisher accuses Spotify of a deliberate copyright infringement and claims that about 250 Eminem songs have been reproduced for an amount of potentially billions of dollars in damage.

According to the indictment in the hands of The Hollywood Reporter , Spotify has no license for the compositions of the rapper. Publisher Eight Mile says he has not heard from Spotify in conversation with the American medium.

"Although the songs have been streamed billions of times, Spotify has not accounted to Eight Mile, or paid Eight Mile for the streams. Instead, Spotify has used some form of random payments that are only intended to handle a fraction of the streams for their account. "

Eight Mile claims that Spotify has not complied with the rules in the Music Modernization Act (MMA), a law that has been in force since October last year. Among other things, the law should ensure that songwriters always get paid.

The lawsuit is to be filed on Wednesday at the federal court in Nashville, USA.