Until the end of this week in Moscow, the weather will be warm. This was in a conversation with RT said the chief specialist of the weather center "Phobos" Eugene Tishkovets. According to his forecast, on Thursday residents of the capital will expect a slight cooling, it will not be critical.

“On Thursday, a cold atmospheric front will break through the capital. True, he is conditionally cold. Yes, it will bring down the temperature and will be accompanied by a short rain shower, but without extremes. The temperature in Moscow will drop to +23 ... + 25 ° С, and this is the norm in July. That is, a conditional cooling will still be comfortable, ”the weather forecaster commented on RT.

Comfortable weather awaits Muscovites at the weekend, said Tatyana Pozdnyakova, chief specialist of the Moscow Weather Bureau. According to her, short-term precipitation is possible, however, they will take place mainly in the north of the capital and will not be widespread.

“The daytime temperature on Saturday is +21 ... + 23 ° C with a rather dense north wind, on Sunday a little warmer weather is expected, the maximum temperature in Moscow is already around +24 ... + 25 ° C,” RIA Pozdnyakova told News.

Anatoly Tsygankov notes that such weather corresponds to the average of the end of August.

“At the end of August in Moscow there is now high pressure, sunny and relatively warm, everything is within normal limits. Already the fourth day, our temperature even exceeds standard values. In general, the last 10 days of August correspond to the weather norm, ”he concludes.

Previously, weather forecasters explained that the hot weather in Moscow was established due to the warm air masses that pass through the capital.

“Our weather is determined by the west-east transport and the waves that exist in it. Now we have fallen into the crest of the western wave - this is dry air, which means that there are few clouds, a warmer air mass, and it still continues to warm up, ”Marina Makarova, chief specialist of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, told RT.

The last week of August will also bring good weather, says Yevgeny Tishkovets. According to him, it will be "a worthy ending to a very mixed summer."

“The whole week there will be mainly a Scandinavian anticyclone, Moscow will be in its very heart. There will be a lot of sun and no precipitation. The night temperature will be +10 ... + 15 ° С. In the afternoon on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday +20 ... + 25 ° С, in the second half of the week you can count on +23 ... + 27 ° С by the weekend with prolongation at the beginning of autumn. The beginning of September will take place at very comfortable temperatures and, most likely, we can do without precipitation, ”the expert predicts.

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Waiting for Indian Summer

In September, Indian summer will come to the European part of Russia. This was announced on Wednesday by the supervisor of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

“According to preliminary calculations, in September there will be a period of Indian summer. This is what we see now. It will be hard to say what it will be, but it will be Indian summer, ”the weather forecaster told TASS.

Villefand noted that it is too early to make accurate forecasts of temperature and precipitation for the first month of autumn. Nevertheless, according to the weather forecaster, next month we should expect including inclement weather.

“When we predict Indian summer in September, we understand, by definition, that this is a period of good dry weather after a prolonged bad weather. Therefore, when we expect Indian summer, we actually click on bad weather, inclement weather that needs to be experienced and then enjoy the Indian summer, ”said the weather forecaster.

He also added that an unusual weather situation was observed last year, as the summer lasted almost until the end of the first month of autumn.

“The summer actually lasted until September 20, so there’s no need to talk about Indian summer last September - it was just warm weather, then, from September 22, it got colder, it sleeted, it rained, and October is Indian summer,” says Villefand.

According to Anatoly Tsygankov, deputy head of the Roshydromet situational center, “Indian summer” is the period at the end of September, which lasts about a week and has elevated temperatures compared to normal.

“This refers to the second half of September, when there is high pressure, an anticyclone, the sun is shining and the average daily temperature rises by 5-7 degrees. This is a dry and relatively warm period, but it can still freeze at night. In the afternoon it’s warm and dry, ”said the weather forecaster.