4 small reactors for review partially omissions August 21 17:58

It turned out that some of the four small research reactors owned by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Kyoto University, and Kinki University had not been partly examined for fire extinguishing equipment.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says that when the new regulatory standards are introduced, the government and the research institution have not been aware of the omission of the examination, and are trying to prevent a recurrence.

According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission,
The part of the review was missing
▽ Japan Atomic Energy Agency has installed some of the facilities for fire extinguishing and lightning protection of reactors with a core size of more than 60 centimeters in diameter in Ibaraki Prefecture facilities,
▽ Two research reactors owned by Kyoto University in Osaka Prefecture,
▽ This is a facility for countermeasures against water leakage from one research reactor owned by Kinki University in Osaka Prefecture.

All four reactors were missing part of the examination based on the new regulatory standards introduced after the nuclear accident in Fukushima.

In this regard, the regulatory committee is trying to prevent recurrence when both the government and the research institution have not noticed the omission of the review of the small research reactor when reviewing the nuclear facilities in each region again with the new standard. .

For facilities that have not been reviewed, there is no safety risk because the regulatory committee conducts a separate review.