Bizzey saw Famke Louise leave his management this year and join Ali B. Afterwards the producer and musician thinks he was too strict for the singer when she was still part of his team.

Famke Louise, fully Famke Louise Meijer, started her career with Bizzey and JayJay Boske. "JayJay and I were really strict. Everything had to be perfect and that is tough for such a young girl," the producer said in conversation with JFK .

The 20-year-old singer never explained why she made the switch, but it did lead to a fight between Bizzey and Ali B on social media. Bizzey says in conversation with the magazine that he and Boske have had to do a lot to make the singer the artist she is today.

"Famke wasn't a super good singer, she didn't write lyrics, couldn't really dance and had never been to a club. We had to model her into something that she is now. If you're not strict, you can't succeed, a good manager does not say "yes and amen."

Bizzey now says he finds it a shame for Meijer that she has finally decided to leave.

Bizzey: "Because her career is going considerably less well now. If we had refined our mentality, I am sure that we would have come through the dip."