Winter weather: snowed in

A tree falls as if in slow motion, an old steam locomotive is stuck in a snowdrift: If you do not need to go from A to B, the winter snapshots will astonish you.

If you look closely, you still recognize where the road to Carlsfeld runs. The municipality in Saxony was cut off from the outside world by the snow, but is now reachable again.
The technicians of the Harz narrow-gauge railways needed three days to get this historic steam locomotive afloat again. She had got stuck in a snowdrift and had to de-iced gradually.
I walk the line: In the Glottertal, a man cuts the vines in the snow-covered vineyard.
If in the weather report abstract of "heavy snowfall" is mentioned, that means for Erika Hoffmann in Ilmenau quite concrete: Get out again, clear the sidewalk.
To supply the people in Buchenhöhe with food, it currently requires heavy equipment. Only this tracked vehicle of the Bundeswehr still manages to reach the otherwise cut off place in Berchtesgaden.
In this picture we hid a railway line. Usually trains to Mittenwald in Bavaria, but currently there is too much snow.
This wiper will not move so soon - just like the railcar of the regional train Augsburg-Schongau, to which he belongs. Covered by a thick layer of snow and ice, he stands in the station until warmer times come.
Snapshot: Near Altenberg in the Erzgebirge a tree is felled, so he does not crash uncontrollably on the street.
The shepherd Franco Vitali is traveling every winter with his flock of sheep in Switzerland. During this time he sleeps in a converted cattle car.
From November to March, the shepherd with its 800 sheep moves from pasture to pasture every year. He has been doing this for 27 years, regardless of the snowfall.
Surrounded by mountains, so peaceful and quiet: A military helicopter circles over Kufstein these days to monitor the situation after the heavy snowfall.
These soldiers in the Austrian town of Rosenau were very lucky: no sooner had they left the roof of this factory, it collapsed.
Avalanche danger in the middle of town: In Vordernberg in Austria, this road is closed until further notice.
At this bus stop in Obertauern you can indeed read, when the bus should come. One will probably wait in vain for him.
In Sankt Anton am Arlberg skiers were supposed to fight for World Cup points. Because of the heavy snowfall but the competition had to be canceled. On the sidewalk now occasionally amateur skiers are out of town on the road.

Too much snow for the train. Too much snow for female drivers. Too much snow for the Ski World Cup. After days of intense snowfall, life has slowed down significantly in many places in Germany. Even in Austria and Switzerland, the winter weather hinders everyday life. And everyone, all shoveling - whether soldiers on a factory roof or residents on the sidewalk in front of their house.


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