The destiny of Spain, at the mercy of the radical independence movement

It is unusual to irresponsible to leave the fate of Spain in the hands of the radical independence movement, which continues to give abundant evidence of its null will to accept the



It is unusual, irresponsible to leave the fate of Spain in the hands of the radical independence movement, which continues to give abundant evidence of its lack of willingness to accept the legal framework and its overtly rupturing purposes . While Quim Torra continues to subordinate the support of separatists to the State Budgets for 2019 to the recognition of the right to self-determination, the puppets of secessionism - the same ones that the president of the Generalitat exhorted to "tighten" - forced Vox to change the venue for an event in Barcelona. This party yesterday canceled the installation of a tent in Sant Cugat and set another in Sitges that required the deployment of the Mossos in front of the threat of radicale s. In parallel, Ada Colau, mayor of the Catalan capital, was open to participate in an election debate in the prison of Lledoners, which is nonsense.

With all these elements on the table, and at a juncture in which the fugitive Puigdemont continues to set the tone of the independence movement, it is a temerity to endeavor to tie continuity in La Moncloa to partners so toxic to coexistence and national unity . That is why the royalties contemplated in the public accounts with which Sanchez implores the complicity of the independentistas are obscene. The President of the Government wants to fulfill for the first time the investment foreseen in the third additional provision of the Statute , which obliges to allocate to the community the same percentage of the territorialized investment of the State as the weight of the Catalan economy in the Spanish GDP. This means that the Government will raise funding to Catalonia to 18% , compared to 13% in 2018. Added to this, as was wielded yesterday by Sánchez during the presentation of the PSC candidate to the Mayor's Office of Barcelona, ​​the items reflecting an increase of social spending. The goal of the PSOE is to tie separatist support to the Budgets in order to resist, at least, until next fall.

The counterparts of the Executive to the independentismo suppose a terrible news for the territorial cohesion, in a context in which the renewal of the model of autonomic financing continues not to be approached. But, above all, the resignation of Sánchez in his mendicant attitude towards the ERC and the PDeCAT constitutes a humiliation for the Spanish nation. No law, not even the Budget, deserves national sovereignty to be put into auction. Sanchez compared yesterday to the PP, Ciudadanos and Vox with Bolsonaro, which is a sarcasm said in the land that the socialist leader himself called "Le Pen Catalan" . The same to which he now claims support. The President of the Government presented the motion of censure with the commitment to call elections. Not only has he not done so, incurring in a political fraud, but he still does not admit that agreeing with coup leaders is an insurmountable red line.

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