BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Unknown gunmen assassinated Saturday night a well-known Iraqi writer and novelist Alaa Mashzoub near his door in central Karbala province, a security source said.

According to Iraqi media, 13 bullets were taken off while he was returning to his home in Karbala on a bicycle, killing him instantly.

For his part, the Association of Literary and Literature writers in the province of Karbala, the late writer, wrote the secretary of cultural and financial affairs in the Union, Nofal Hamdani, on his Facebook page: "heart fatigue and destruction of shock and loss, the Association of writers and writers Karbala cry novelist Dr. Alaa Mashdoub.

He was born in 1968, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Baghdad in 1992-1993, received a Master of Fine Arts in 2009 and a doctorate in the same specialty in 2014.

And published several literary and literary works, including the Republic of the Khan and the cities of death - the two witnesses, and the chaos of the homeland, and a crime in Facebook and Adam Sami - Moore, and the story group may come back to you and another group entitled Widows' alley.