Gossip and gossip: Money, Money, Money

The promo news of the week this time is the money in the foreground: Kendall Jenner is the highest paid model in the world. And in India, an incredibly expensive wedding is celebrated.

The top earner of the week ...

... is called Kendall Jenner. The 23-year-old defended her top position in the "Forbes" ranking of the best-earning models. With an estimated annual income of $ 22.5 million, it is far ahead of runner-up Karlie Kloss, who comes to $ 13 million. Third place is shared by Chrissy Teigen and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, each with $ 11.5 million.

According to "Forbes", Jenner's revenues include model jobs, advertising contracts and social media sponsorship. The US business magazine estimated earnings for the period from June 2017 to May 2018 based on numerous interviews with managers and experts.

Kendall Jenner is the highest paid model

1st place: Kendall Jenner. The 23-year-old, according to US Forbes forecasts, generated $ 22.5 million in revenue over the period from June 2017 to May 2018.

2nd place: Karlie Kloss. The 26-year-old earned significantly less - namely $ 13 million.

3rd place: Chrissy Teigen. The 33-year-old is listed with $ 11.5 million in revenue. These, according to "Forbes", include model jobs, advertising contracts and social media sponsoring.

3rd place: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The 31-year-old also comes to 11.5 million dollars.

5th place: Gisele Bündchen. The 38-year-old earned the ranking $ 10 million. In 2017, after 15 years, she was ousted by Kendall Jenner from the top of the "Forbes" list.

5th place: Cara Delevingne. The 26-year-old is listed as Gisele Bundchen with ten million dollars.

7th place: Gigi Hadid. The 23-year-old comes to 9.5 million dollars - and to a million dollars more than ...

8th place: her sister Bella Hadid. The 22-year-old is listed with $ 8.5 million in revenue.

8th place: Joan Smalls. The 30-year-old also earned $ 8.5 million in revenue.

10th place: Doutzen Kroes. The 33-year-old has just made it into the top ten with revenues of eight million dollars.

The wedding of the week ...

... ... is celebrated in India. For the wedding of his daughter Isha Mukesh Ambani spares no expense: The richest man in India is said to have paid for the week-long celebration around one hundred million dollars. The price includes a performance by Beyoncé. Former US Secretary of State John F. Kerry and Hillary Clinton also accepted the multi-billionaire's invitations.

The Ambanis, who have to pay for the entire wedding according to Indian tradition, hired more than 1,000 luxury limousines over the weekend in Udaipur, a town built in the 16th century. Udaipur's luxury hotels were booked out months before.

Beyoncé and Hillary visit India

Isha Ambani's wedding provides a topic of conversation: Her father is said to have tasted the marriage about $ 100 million.

Mukesh Ambani (m.) Is the man who makes everything possible. With an estimated fortune of more than $ 40 billion, he is one of the richest people in the world.

The couple was happy about a celebrity visit.

Among other things, Hillary Clinton came. The former US Secretary of State appeared as well as her former successor John F. Kerry.

Beyoncé also accepted the billionaire's invitation.

In Udaipur, a city built in the 16th century, the billionaire rented a thousand luxury sedans and nearly all 5-star luxury hotels.

At the small airport of the city 40 to 50 aircraft landed more than usual during the day. At the so-called pre-wedding party, guests were able to use an app specially created for the party, which provided information about the location of the religious ceremonies and parties.

The Ambanis are among the most influential families in Asia. They caused quite a stir when they moved in 2010, probably the second most expensive house in the world in Mumbai (only the Buckingham Palace is more expensive). The property is 173 meters high and can accommodate 27 floors. The construction costs should have been 50 to 70 million dollars.

The separation message of the week ...

... ... spread Janin and Kostja Ullmann on Instagram. The couple said via Instagram that it has split after 12 years of relationship. The message was as concise as it was clear: "Guys, we split up, we'll be fine with it, hopefully you too." Press inquiries to Jens Spahn, who has plenty of time left. "

Farewell with a picture of happy times

End of a long-term relationship: Kostja and Janin Ullmann have split up.

In an identical statement on Instagram, the two actors announced the end of their relationship - and posted a photo of happy times.

"For twelve years, we've been protecting our privacy as much as possible and keeping it out of the public eye," both wrote to an older photo, kissing each other.

"Forced by medial pressure" they would now be forced to express themselves: "People we have separated, we can handle this, hopefully you too."

The two actors who live in Hamburg got engaged in 2014 and confirmed their wedding in 2016.

The 34-year-old Kostja Ullmann (l.) Was last seen among others in the Amazon Prime video series "Beat". In this photo he poses during the premiere of the series with footballer Felix Kroos.

The three years older Janin Ullmann - formerly Janin Reinhardt - became known as a presenter of the music channel Viva and took over several television roles, such as in the telenovela "Lotta in Love", as well as moderation jobs at ProSieben.

The drug confess of the week ...

... came from Kim Kardashian. Only a few weeks ago she had said that she had been ecstasy at the marriage to Damon Thomas in 2000. This was apparently no exception, as the reality TV star now said in an interview with the presenter Busy Philipps.

When she told her mother Kris Jenner about the drug addiction, she warned of the grave consequences: "One day you will not be able to have any more children, you can not do that, you will ruin yourself."

The words of the mother obviously caught. Jenner's warning has convinced her to keep her hands off drugs, Kardashian said. "She was right, I just am not, and I just never did it again."

"Something bad has always happened"

Without her mother, Kim Kardashian would be presumed to be buried in the drug dump. In the US talk show "Busy Tonight" she now told how her mother had managed to dissuade her from Ecstasy.

At the end of November Kardashian had made a drug confession on television. "When I got married, I was on ecstasy," she said in an episode of her program "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

Accordingly, it was about her marriage to the music producer Damon Thomas.

Kardashian and Thomas were married from 2000 to 2004.

Kardashian filed another drug confession in conversation with her half-sister Kendall Jenner and her sister Kourtney's ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick. "Once I took Ecstasy and got married, I took it again and made a sex video," she said.

Kardashian hit the headlines in 2007 when a sex video became public. It showed her with her ex-boyfriend, the singer Ray J.

Another Ex at Kardashian: From 2011 to 2013 she was dating basketball player Kris Humphries.

In 2014 she married the rapper Kanye West.

The couple has three children.

The most tolerable woman of the week ...

... ... is definitely Sandra Bullock. The actress wore a few wounds during filming, she revealed. "I used to run into the camera a lot, and that was not funny," Bullock said about her experience shooting the Netflix movie "Bird Box," for which she had often blindfolded, "Blood has flowed."

In the horror thriller Bullock plays a mother of two children, who flees from a mysterious threat. Her eyes must protect her with a bandage. "I could have cut holes in the blindfold to see something," said the 54-year-old, "but then the hectic energy would have been gone." If you want to shine, you have to suffer.

Mother and Hollywood star

Actress Sandra Bullock got scared when shooting the Netflix movie "Bird Box" - because she often blindfolded.

In the horror thriller, the 54-year-old plays a mother of two, fleeing a mysterious threat. Her eyes must protect her with a bandage. The movie can be seen in the streaming service from December 21st.

When shooting were often children around them. "It was a bit nerve-racking because I had to take care of the little ones," Bullock said. She had wanted to avoid falling down, but it had nevertheless happened several times. "I could have cut holes in the blindfold to see something - but then the hectic energy would have been gone."

Bullock has clear priorities: the most important thing in her life is her children, she said in a recent interview.

Bullock (here with Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway) has two adopted children: son Louis and daughter Laila.

Not always was the Hollywood star sure she would become a mother.

A key moment was Hurricane Katrina: "Katrina happened in New Orleans, and I knew it." It was as if someone had told her that her child was there.

It took a few more years before she adopted son Louis and then daughter Laila.

Bullock adopted Louis in 2010 with her ex-husband Jesse James. The couple married in 2005 and divorced five years later.

To the court date of the week ...

... ... Boris and Lilly Becker appeared. The spouses met at a London family court. They paid no attention to each other and stated that they both wanted the divorce. Becker, 51, and Dutch-born Model, 42, had announced in May that they had split up "amicably and amicably".

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