For the first time after the breakup: Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen appear together in TV show

Last month, they announced their break-up, and now they perform together: this Saturday evening, Florian Silbereisen will be hosting a TV show hosted by Helene Fischer.

Since shortly before Christmas pop singer Helene Fischer and TV presenter Florian Silbereisen are separated. For the first time since the end of their ten-year relationship, the two will be on stage this Saturday night.

Silbereisen is the host of the ARD show "Schlagerchampions - the big festival of the best", Fischer will perform on stage in the Berlin Velodrom.

The 37-year-old apparently maintains close contact with the singer after the breakup and does not want to miss her as a "best friend".

"Helene and I met between the years and we call almost every day," said Silbereisen the "Bild" newspaper. "Even if many do not want to believe that, we are and remain best friends, we are connected so much, we have experienced so much together, it will last forever."

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Florian Silbereisen after separation from Helene Fischer: "That will stay forever"

A new friend does not have silver travel in his own words. He was also not on Tinder or other dating portals on the way, he said the sheet. "So I'm not looking, but I'm optimistic that I will not be left behind in the end."

Fischer, however, had announced that there was a new man at her side. According to media reports, this is a dancer and acrobats who belongs to Fischer's stage team.