A recent study warned of the impact of the "Corona" pandemic on the "blue economy", which contributes an estimated rate of between 3.5% and 7% in the global economy, according to estimates by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

The study issued by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and «Emirates Today», obtained a copy of it, that the “blue economy” is defined as the economy based on the seas, whose sectors and main activities depend on the marine environment, the ecosystem and marine species to achieve economic value.

She added that among the main sectors of the "blue economy": coastal and marine tourism, travel and maritime transport, fisheries and seafood production, in addition to new emerging activities, such as marine renewable energy and aquaculture, as well as seabed extractive activities, in addition to Marine biotechnology and bioprospecting.

The study indicated that, although the "blue economy" specifically describes the economies of small islands, developing countries, and least developed coastal states, it is part of many economies, where the sectors that depend on the seas constitute an important part of their total economies.

It stated that seaports, maritime transport, fisheries, seafood production, and marine tourism are among the important economic activities in the UAE and Dubai, noting that the impact of the Corona epidemic on these activities is likely to affect locally as well.

The study stated that the “Corona” outbreak had hindered the supply capacity of the “blue economy” sectors, due to the disruption of transportation means, the closure of most ports and ports in the world, in addition to the negative impact of low demand against the background of measures to contain the spread of the epidemic, partial or complete closure, and spacing Social.

The study expected that, once the precautionary measures are completely abolished, tourists will flow, and the demand for visiting coastal and rural areas will increase.

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