“We never considered any denominations, any monetary reforms. Everything is fine with the denominations and a number of banknotes, ”RIA Novosti quoted Nabiullin as saying.

She emphasized that “there is no reason to change anything here” and noted that “people can always use cash and their funds in banks”.

“We are not considering any restrictions, no changes, we are not planning,” the head of the Central Bank added.

Earlier, as Vedomosti reported, the head of the Alpari information-analytical center Alexander Razuvaev proposed to denominate the Russian currency 100 times. In his opinion, this will strengthen the confidence of the population in the ruble.

Andrei Kolganov, an economist and leading researcher at Moscow State University, in an interview with the 360 ​​channel appreciated the idea of ​​ruble denomination and spoke about its possible negative effect. In his opinion, without calculations it is difficult to assess whether there will be any benefit from the denomination.