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was predicted that multi-homeowners who were blocked due to the July 10 real estate measures would bypass the house as a gift. The government decided to block even this detour.

Reporter Chan-Keun Park reports.


It is the government's opinion that multi-homeowners are unlikely to bypass the gift right away.

This is because the gift tax is lower than the transfer tax, but is charged on the entire house price.

Also, when you sell a house, cash comes in, but since the gift changes only the name, the realistic burden is greater.

However, depending on variables such as market price, transfer margin, and donor, the gift may be advantageous.

3 If a homeowner sells an apartment with a profit of transfer of KRW 900 million before June 1, next year, the transfer tax of KRW 570 million is required.

Instead, donation tax to children is 680 million won, and 380 million won to spouse.

Given that the holding tax will be reduced without paying the inheritance tax in the future, the gift may be advantageous.

[Woo Byung-Tak/Shinhan Bank Real Estate Investment Advisory Center Team Leader: After a long period of time, the price goes up, and eventually you have to pay the same amount as the gift tax (almost) as an inheritance tax. It did.)

the government is pursuing a plan to raise chwideukseyul bestowed upon the current 3.5%, as well as the general chwideukseyul with up to 12%.

In addition, if the spouse or children of the same household are donated so that multi-homed households can't donate for the purpose of avoiding the taxation tax that is subject to personal taxation, they decided to consider adding up the households when calculating the number of houses.