Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister Delegate for Housing announced that between 4 and 5 billion would be arrowed towards the building. - Alfonso Jimenez // SIPA

Between 4 and 5 billion euros will be allocated to the building sector as part of the future recovery plan, Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister Delegate to the Minister for Ecological Transition, in charge of housing, announced on Sunday.

"No contradiction between ecology and economy"

"We will be around 4 to 5 billion just for building and renovation," said Emmanuelle Wargon at the microphone of Europe1 / Les Echos / Cnews, stressing that discussions on these envelopes were underway "with Bercy". She recalled that the sector represented "10% of French gross domestic product".

"There is no contradiction between ecology and the economy," said Emmanuell Wargon, adding that a lot of investment would be devoted to public buildings such as "universities, schools, hospitals" but also " household support ”, the terms of which remain to be defined.

"When we massively renovate public buildings (…), when we help individuals to do work at home, we support an economic sector and we move towards a greener economy," she added.

President Emmanuel Macron announced at the end of June that an additional 15 billion euros over two years would be injected for ecological conversion into the recovery plan which he must present on July 14. The post-Covid recovery plan must be targeted at ecological transformation and job preservation, asked the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC) on Thursday in its annual report.


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