The richest man in the world, founder and CEO of Amazon, got another $ 9.2 billion richer on Monday. Converted that is about 8.1 billion euros. Amazon set a new record on Wall Street and thanks to Bezos' shares in the company, that meant a big (paper) profit for him.

Because of that profit, Bezos now has a total capital of $ 182 billion, converted 161 billion euros, according to business magazine Bloomberg. The second richest person on Earth, Bill Gates, has $ 115 billion in assets, or $ 102 billion.

Had Bezos not been divorced from his then-wife Mackenzie Bezos last year, he would have had even greater wealth on paper. He currently owns about 11 percent of Amazon's shares, and before the divorce it was 16 percent.

Amazon has been rising on the stock market since the beginning of the corona crisis. All over the world, people are buying more goods online, which is good for the company's sales. The web giant is the largest internet store in the world.