Netflix has won a lawsuit against supervisory authority Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM). ACM had promised Netflix a fine if the streaming service did not place an email address on the website in a location that was findable by consumers.

ACM did this at the request of supervisors from Belgium, Germany and Austria. "Under European law, only ACM is empowered to act because Netflix has its European headquarters in the Netherlands," said ACM, who published the judge's ruling.

European legislation requires consumers to have access to data that allows them to easily and easily contact companies offering online services at any time. "This data must be presented in a clear and recognizable manner for everyone," says ACM.

The regulator relied on a court decision from the past by requiring Netflix to provide an email address on the site as a contact option. "However, the judge ruled in this case that the live chat that Netflix offers fulfills the European obligation to provide an electronic mailing address that is easily, directly and permanently accessible."