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The reduction coupon is not new, but thanks to dematerialization, it has found new impetus, further intensified by the economic context. Today we speak of “couponing” or “couponing”, the concept coming from across the Atlantic. Terminology obliges, its followers are called the "couponneurs", and more particularly the "couponneuses", since the majority would be women.

The hunt is on

The coupon is a win-win business transaction. By cutting back (a little) on its margins, the brand attracts or retains the consumer through this small bonus, while the beneficiary saves money on its purchases. Traditionally, this coupon is found in newspapers, advertising flyers, check books distributed in stores or on product packaging.

But in recent years, the coupon has been modernized thanks to the Web.

Online coupons

A new generation of "web coupons" - vouchers to print - has flooded the Internet. To make their consumers benefit from this, many brands have added “coupon codes” to their sites. There are also multiple platforms specializing in couponing:,,, Bon2ré,, or You must create a free account to print coupons for a multitude of brands and products, then have them deducted from your purchases at the checkout in your usual store.

Without forgetting the “m-couponing”, which consists of downloading the vouchers on your smartphone or tablet, using dedicated applications. The cashier will directly scan the dematerialized coupon.

A way of life

But is it a real good plan to save money? It depends on their use. Used occasionally by a "Sunday cutter", this system will only earn a few euros here and there. The practice only becomes really profitable if you devote time to it. Real cutters and cutters would make hundreds of dollars a month.

This good deal works, however, provided you limit yourself to useful purchases. This “ethical couponing”, which refrains from emptying the displays, is opposed to a “wild” practice of reduction coupons, which hides overconsumption.


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The QR code, the other way to pay without any contact

Couponing to the extreme

Buying everything and anything because it's cheaper can go to the extreme. Really, this phenomenon was the subject of an American reality show, Extreme couponing , in which participants struggled to find out who would reap the most products.

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