The Dutch Agricultural and Horticultural Organization (LTO) wants farmers and horticulturalists to be given more space to make price agreements among themselves. This would improve farmers' earning potential and make the sector more sustainable.

The agricultural organization LTO makes the appeal in its election manifesto published on Saturday, which is addressed to political parties.

The entrepreneurs 'and employers' organization for arable farmers and horticulturalists hopes to emphasize the importance of the competitive position of Dutch farmers and horticulturalists through the call.

For example, LTO wants labor migrants from outside the EU to be able to work in the Netherlands for up to nine months. In this way it hopes to counter the current shortage on the labor market.

According to the largest agricultural lobby organization in the Netherlands, there is also a need for a fair price for farmers and horticulturalists who make efforts in the area of ​​climate.

A climate reserve, in which farmers can build up reserves in a fiscally attractive manner in good years, could offer a solution, according to LTO.