Use taxi for shopping, etc. Free first fare at Utsunomiya June 6 at 7:45


In order to help recover consumption that has fallen due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the Utsunomiya City Chamber of Commerce subsidizes the first fare for passengers of taxis for shopping and eating and drinking in the city. I decided to start efforts to make it free.

This initiative is scheduled to start on the 15th of this month, with the aim of allowing the Utsunomiya Chamber of Commerce to encourage consumers to use taxis to shop and eat and drink in the city, leading to a recovery in consumption.

The target is a taxi of a company in Utsunomiya City that joins the prefecture taxi association and participates in the initiative, and if the destination is a retail store such as a restaurant, supermarket, department store or when returning home from these places, users will be asked If you cooperate, the initial fare of 740 yen will be deducted, and the cost will be subsidized by the Chamber of Commerce to the taxi company.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry wants to help taxi companies whose sales are declining due to the spread of infection by encouraging the use of taxis.The subsidy is planned to be provided until the end of August, but it will end when the budget reaches 3 million yen. Is to do.

Mr. Makoto Hase, General Manager, General Affairs Department, Utsunomiya Chamber of Commerce, said, "The food, retail, and service industries are all in a difficult situation. I hope to connect consumers and taxis and hope that the money will go well in the local economy." I am.