Italy and Spain, two of the countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and two of the main tourist markets, will ask the European Union to establish common criteria for reopening the borders . This was announced this Friday by the government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, during the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

As explained, the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, have written a letter this Thursday to the President of the European Commission, Úrsula Von der Leyen , requesting that they establish a series of common criteria for the lifting of border restrictions.

The letter was sent yesterday, just the day the Government announced the reopening of the land borders with France and Portugal and hours later it rectified. In the letter, Sánchez and Conte propose a coordination in the lifting of border restrictions based on "common, clear and transparent" epidemiological criteria.

Both leaders propose that this opening of external borders be done "through a gradual and coordinated process" based on a series of criteria such as the thresholds of incidence of Covid-19 in third countries.

"It is essential that transport is governed by health security protocols that are harmonized and agreed by all, which will be particularly relevant if health security measures at borders are common," said Montero.

The European Commission has indicated today that it is confident that it will be possible to start opening external borders as of July, once it has completed, by the end of June, the lifting of internal restrictions between the Member States.

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