, May 28. "During the epidemic, JD Retail is a retail company, retail group, and retail platform that supports local people's livelihood with the best performance in China and the world. And this year's 6.18, I also hope to continue our Excellent performance can create brilliance and benefit more consumers and partners in the same industry."

  At the 2020 JD Retail 618 Oath Conference on May 28, CEO Xu Lei of JD Retail Group talked about the impact of the epidemic on society and JD's performance, and also put forward his own thoughts on JD's future development. This year, Jingdong 618 raised expectations and requirements. "We have the responsibility and obligation to meet this challenge with our partners and grow together. This is the most important meaning and mission we have to achieve in 6.18 this year."

JD retail business logic is verified

  "At the first moment, JD Retail took on social responsibility." After the outbreak, JD Retail's front-line sales personnel quickly organized the supply of goods and coordinated warehouse entry; customer service staff efficiently responded to the skyrocketing of consultation and after-sales issues; operations staff quickly adjusted The employees of offline stores such as 7Fresh are also sticking to their respective positions... In the process, Xu Lei did not issue any orders for procurement, research and development, and operation, but everything is proceeding in an orderly manner. "As the first person in charge of retailing, it seems that I have not issued a special concrete order to fight the epidemic. But sometimes I think of it and feel very relieved. The first shows that the organization is mature, and the second shows that everyone's values ​​and ideas are Consistent."

  In Xu Lei's view, Jingdong Group's first-quarter performance report is a touchstone, which verifies the correctness of the business logic "balanced development and dynamic adjustment" adhered to by Jingdong Retail. Due to the rapid growth of a single indicator, it maintains a state of balanced development; at the same time, it makes dynamic adjustments to the competition or changes in the market encountered by a certain region, category, and business.

  At the same time, Xu Lei believes that the reason why the first-quarter earnings report is brilliant is also the result of JD Retail's adherence to a long-term business model; it is the result of all JD people overcoming various difficulties, sticking to their respective positions, and insisting on value creation; it is JD Retail The result of investing tremendous resources, vigorously supporting, and indispensable to partners. Thanks to the guarantee of JD's uninterrupted operation capabilities, a large number of brands and businesses have achieved good results on the JD platform. From January to April this year, 572 brands on the Jingdong platform placed orders over 100 million, of which 180 brands increased more than 50% year-on-year; 230 brands placed orders over 300 million; 151 brands placed orders over 500 million .

The epidemic puts forward new requirements for JD retail

  Regarding the future development of JD retail, Xu Lei believes that the impact of the epidemic also puts forward new requirements for the future development of JD retail. "The entire Chinese retail industry has undergone tremendous changes. This epidemic will change the development path of all existing players and future players in the entire Chinese retail industry, and will speed up by one to three years. Among them, if we cannot look further, we You can’t go further."

  Therefore, in the future goal setting, Xu Lei believes that the strategic choice, orientation, and connotation of the long-termist should still be done. In the process of becoming the first, JD retail’s organizational capabilities, talent capabilities, business capabilities, and technical data capabilities Both need to be upgraded. In Xu Lei's view, at present, the employees of JD Retail have reached a consensus and default, that is, to pursue qualitative growth; and valuable, sustainable innovation is a concept and concept that JD Retail will uphold next Way of operation.

  At the same time, Xu Lei also expressed his thinking from the perspective of the enterprise regarding the uncertainty brought about by the epidemic. The supply chain is about synergy and certainty. Xu Lei believes that a good entrepreneur is to look into those uncertain areas and step by step through his own ability to transform into deterministic management. It is what an enterprise and an entrepreneur should do.

  In addition, in Xu Lei's view, this epidemic will have three more important impacts on business across China: The first impact is the management of cash flow. "Traditional companies with three months of cash flow are actually very few. Companies with cash flow of more than six months are rare." The second impact is that the community-type economy and business will increase significantly. "What this epidemic can see is that even in cities like Beijing, community business is actually insufficient, and there will be many business opportunities in the future." The third impact is digital transformation. The epidemic may make traditional The speed of digital transformation of enterprises has increased by one to three years. "While we are a digital enterprise, our business is actually based on digitalization, so we have a natural advantage."

"JD 618 hopes to win or win together"

  This year, Jingdong 618 ushered in the 17th year. For this year's Jingdong 618, Xu Lei bluntly stated that only one side won't be a long-term business, hoping for a win-win situation or a win-win situation. "Countless companies can use 6.18. We also encourage everyone to change from an enterprise's anniversary to an industry-wide promotional node." Xu Lei said that Jingdong Retail will continue to adhere to the open strategy this year, "We have the responsibility and obligation to Partners will meet this challenge together and grow together. This is the most important meaning and mission we have to achieve this year in 6.18."

  The Jingdong 618 also coincided with the brand upgrade of Jingdong Retail, which was upgraded from the original "how fast and economical" to "pay every love". It is understood that the brand upgrade was carried out by Xu Lei personally. It was launched in September last year. After a lot of discussion and deduction, it was finally determined that "to live up to every love." "For JD retailers, every job we do is to live up to our consumers."

  As Xu Lei said, this epidemic has deepened many JD's old users' awareness and trust in JD. It has also enabled many new or marginal users to re-understand and understand JD. JD retail can be said to be a performance of China and even the world The most outstanding retail company, retail group, retail platform. Therefore, for this year's Jingdong 618, Xu Lei also raised expectations for all Jingdong retail staff, "Hope to continue our outstanding performance, to create brilliance, and to benefit more consumers and partners in the industry."