Narita Airport: Frequent flight arrivals and departures were most frequent Corona passenger aircraft diversion 15:14 on June 4th

As airline companies struggling with the new coronavirus are working one after another to convert passenger planes into freight transport, the number of freight flights per month at Narita Airport since April opened. It turned out that it became the most.

At Narita Airport, suspension and reduction of flights continued due to the effect of the new coronavirus, and airline companies are trying to break through the difficult situation by promoting the operation of converting passenger aircraft that they own to freight transportation.

Among them, United Airlines started an extra flight from Narita in April to transport freight between the United States and China, where direct flights have been unable to operate due to the strengthening of quarantine system.

On the 4th, a flight arriving from Chicago, USA, carrying cargo, unloaded electronic parts for Japan, and departed again for Beijing, China.

The movement to convert passenger aircraft into freight flights has become more active with the spread of infection, and according to the Narita Airport Company, the number of freight flights departed in April was more than 2,800, which was the most since a port opened in a month. It means that

"We have 80% of passenger flights out of service, and freight transportation contributes to earnings." We want to fly to the world as long as demand for cargo continues It was