China News Service, June 4 (June 3), China is the first to deliver confidence in the face of severe challenges around the world. Throughout 2019, China's economy has achieved a healthy growth of 6.1%, and the online retail sales of physical goods increased by 19.5% year-on-year. 2020 is unusual. In its economic outlook, the IMF predicted that the global economy would contract by 3%, but it still predicted a 1% growth of the Chinese economy. And we have indeed seen that China is actively responding to the epidemic, stimulating market vitality by continuing to deepen reforms, by promoting a higher level of opening to the outside world, and creating a market environment for domestic and foreign enterprises to treat them equally and fairly, to stabilize foreign trade and boost the economy. This has boosted the cross-border e-commerce industry where Amazon's overseas purchases are located. Under the epidemic, cross-border e-commerce has become one of the important starting points for promoting economic recovery. In 2020, the vigorous development of China's cross-border e-commerce business will undoubtedly inject new momentum into the Chinese economy.

Amazon China Vice President Li Yanchuan

  "Consumption" is the vane of the economy. After the epidemic, the black swan, consumers' consumption needs to be released urgently. Consumer coupons were issued in many places, and the government set up shopping festivals to increase consumption. Since Amazon established the unique model of overseas purchases in China in 2014, it has never stopped its pace of "advancing with the times". Although this year's epidemic has brought us many challenges, we are still continuously optimizing the customer experience according to the needs of Chinese consumers, upgrading our services, and sending massive amounts of authentic overseas genuine products directly to Chinese consumers. We have spared no effort to continue to serve China. Consumers are creating more and more customized services and offers. It is worth mentioning that we have not forgotten to establish and improve consumer rights protection platform rules, and increase efforts to protect platform users' rights and quality experience. During the epidemic, we built strengths and expanded channels while using small programs to continuously accelerate the integration of cross-border shopping with local consumer demand and habits. At the same time, in addition to doing our best to ensure domestic consumer orders, Continue to attract new brands and new products, further promote the flywheel effect, and make every preparation for the upcoming new round of shopping boom. Now, after several months of continuous optimization, Amazon’s overseas purchase applet has achieved full-line upgrades, ready to go, millions of quality products, convenient shopping experience, and numerous discount activities, which will bring more convenience and more convenience to cross-border online shopping. Socialized experience.

  It is undeniable that e-commerce has contributed tremendously to the protection of people's livelihood in the extraordinary period of the past few months, and has accelerated the development of new formats such as cross-border e-commerce and the improvement of international freight capacity has been put on the agenda by the government. In April this year, based on the original 59 cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test areas, China set up 46 new comprehensive test areas again, releasing a positive signal again. After improving the storage capacity and transshipment efficiency, cross-border e-commerce It is bound to become a new growth point for economic development. As an important channel for "buying the world", cross-border e-commerce, behind its rapid growth and increasing transaction volume, is the test of the comprehensive capabilities of cross-border e-commerce companies. The ability to control and dispatch resources has become the core competitiveness of the market. Important part. As a pioneer practitioner in the cross-border e-commerce industry, Amazon has been insisting on exploring diversified and advanced cross-border e-commerce models for many years. Innovative practices such as cross-border direct mail, "cross-border pre-positioning", and the introduction of international resources have been obtained in China. Good feedback. At the same time, in order to provide consumers with an excellent cross-border shopping experience, we continue to explore innovative business models and always choose better partners in the field of products, logistics and other links to better serve the market and consumers .

  Finally, as an important participant in China’s cross-border e-commerce market, we are happy to see that China is embracing the world in a more open attitude, and past experience and achievements have also given overseas brands full confidence in the Chinese market, and more and more Of overseas merchants, especially those who have not been involved in the Chinese market before, are willing to participate in many online shopping activities in the Chinese consumer market through Amazon overseas purchases, so that Chinese consumers can buy new products synchronized with the world at the first time, or Tailor a variety of products and benefits for them. Through several years of practice, Amazon’s overseas purchases have used high-quality services and the "customer first" business philosophy to provide solutions that the industry can learn from in terms of product fidelity, Haitao purchase, and cross-border logistics. It proves to the market and users that our global resource layout and "lightweight" operation model are effective and the only way for the future development of the cross-border e-commerce industry. Relying on the global network layout and supplier resource advantages, while deeply digging into the needs and consumption power of local users, we can not only allow Chinese consumers to easily realize the beautiful desire to buy all over the world, but also respond to global emergencies. Can be relatively "easy" to deal with and adjust. Today, the practice and experience of "overseas purchases" that have grown up successfully in China have been successfully "out of the circle" and have been replicated in ten overseas markets including Amazon, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia. In the post-epidemic era, the industry must inevitably seek common development. Amazon is willing to work with industry partners to make the cross-border online shopping "big cake" bigger and stronger, while continuing to promote the "buy global" footsteps of domestic consumers. E-commerce contributes its own strength to sustainable and healthy development.

  Amazon's overseas purchases have already begun, actively mobilizing resources at home and abroad, and continue to implement more "localization" activities in the Chinese market. On the eve of the big promotion in 618 this year, many overseas big-name manufacturers contacted us actively to bring customized discount experience to Chinese consumers through carefully prepared customized discounts, creating a global carnival shopping atmosphere at local shopping festivals. As Chinese consumers increasingly trust Amazon’s overseas purchases, and more and more overseas brands hope to convey their brand ideas to Chinese consumers through this channel, Amazon’s overseas purchases will also work with China’s cross-border e-commerce industry. , Brewing a new round of "singing ahead".

  It is understood that Amazon entered China in 2004, adhering to the "customer first" philosophy, and constantly innovating for Chinese users. At present, the core strategic business of Amazon's layout in China includes cross-border e-commerce centered on Amazon's overseas purchases and Amazon's global stores, Kindle e-book readers and e-books, Amazon's logistics operations and Amazon's cloud computing service (AWS).