Kwon Aeri's friendly economy starts. Reporter Kwon, in the old days, if you see a very good phone number or vehicle number, you might be the one who uses it. I thought like this, but the fortress is drawing this? Did you say that the lottery application has started recently?


Yes. For example, there are prominent numbers like 7777 or 1234, or numbers like 1004 or angels.

These numbers that you want to add to your phone number are often called golden numbers. Starting today (2nd), all three carriers will start accepting applications for those who want to apply for this'golden number' lottery.

There are two lottery opportunities each year, and this is the first lottery this year. All three companies, KT, LG Uplus, and SK Telecom, each issued 5,000 numbers.

The application period and start date are together today, but the deadline and announcement date differ slightly from company to company. LG U+ received the application by the 15th and announced it on the 19th, SK Telecom received the 11th by the 22nd, and KT received the application by the 22nd and the result will appear on the 25th.

All three companies can apply by going to an offline official certification agency, or through the online website.


I think it will be very popular with those who mainly do business and self-employed. What numbers were particularly popular?


First of all, your favorite number is the same number as the station number and the last digit, so it is called 010-1234-1234.

In June, a year ago, there was a competition of nearly 25,000 to 1 with the same number in front and back among the numbers issued by a news agency.

In addition, numbers such as 1000, 2000, and 3000 with three trailing digits are also popular, and repeated numbers such as 1111, 3333, or 1234 and 5678 are always competitive.

There are also popular numbers that are repeated like 1212 and 2424, but you may like the number like 2424 at the moving center.

2424 is a number that gives people a different meaning because of their pronunciation. Of course, these numbers are also listed.

For example, 8949, 4989, 1004, etc. that used goods traders would like, 1004. Also, this year, carriers also think of 5G and give numbers like 5959, 5555.

In the past, individuals traded for these numbers at a high price. The number one actually traded in billions, but since 2013, such interpersonal transactions have been officially banned.

A government official is drawing a public lottery in the midst of enrollment to eliminate the possibility of fertilization.

This time, all three companies can select up to three numbers and apply for them, but those who have already won and used the golden number cannot apply.

You can apply even if you use an affordable phone. However, there is a network of carriers that my low-cost phone uses. If you apply to the company, even if you win, you will be able to get the new number while still using your old phone.

Of course, you can move the carrier, and anyone like this can apply.


Let's look at another news. The government announced the third supplementary plan yesterday, but does it contain a lot of measures to promote consumption?


Yes. The most striking thing is the discount coupon in various fields, which will come out so that 16,618 million people can spend about 10,000 won each.

Unlike the emergency funds, this coupon can be used in online malls and large marts. I will tell you more about how to receive and how to write.

From the beginning of this year, if you buy household electrical appliances sold in Korea and the most energy-efficient household appliances among the same products, there is a system that the country returns up to 300,000 won within 10% of the product price.

Even in a friendly economy, I introduced it once in March, but as soon as this budget is exhausted, the benefits will be ended on a first-come, first-served basis.

I triple this. It will be a budget of 450 billion won, which is a level where 1.5 million people can get 300,000 won back.

By the end of this year, those who purchase high-efficiency home appliances will be able to receive almost all benefits.

And in the past, 10 items including TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, and wired cleaner were given this benefit, and this time, a popular clothes dryer was included.

It is known that this was excluded due to equity issues with small and medium-sized companies because only one large domestic company has a first-class product yet.