The trade association Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) is pleased with the manner in which the reopening of the catering sector went on Monday. That let the organization know in a statement. Terraces and restaurants in the Netherlands were allowed to receive guests for the first time in more than two months on Monday from noon.

"We received signals from all over the country that it was pleasantly busy in many cities. On the terraces it was pleasantly busy, but not too full," says the KHN. The organization calls the moment when the terraces were officially opened "a very emotional moment".

"Hospitality entrepreneurs have really been looking forward to welcoming their guests again and are full of creative ideas to make something beautiful out of it in a responsible way," said the organization.

According to the KHN, the atmosphere in the country was good and everywhere understood the restrictions that catering companies should adhere to. The run-up went smoothly in many places. "We are confident that the catering industry is ready to welcome its guests again".


Compilation: This is how the Dutch terraces filled up after noon

'Making the 1.5 meter distance possible was fitting and measuring'

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all food and beverage outlets in the Netherlands had to close on 15 March. Last month, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced during a press conference that the catering industry could partially reopen from June 1, provided that entrepreneurs adhere to certain conditions. For example, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters should be possible and a mandatory check-up interview will take place in advance to test whether someone has complaints that could indicate the corona virus.

In recent weeks, catering entrepreneurs have been busy making 1.5 meters away in their company. According to the trade association, the last preparations were made last weekend.

According to the KHN, it was mainly fitting and measuring to be able to lose the tables and chairs with the correct distance. Many municipalities have therefore given catering entrepreneurs permission to expand their terraces.

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